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GE Smart Grid investment in China market

    April 20, the first smart grid in Shanghai, Chan Xueyan discussed at the meeting, General Electric (GE) Energy Group Vice President Bob Gree Gan said,booster cables China is at the climax of the urbanization process, and faced with rising energy demand, China Smart Grid market promising.

    Currently, cities are consuming 75% of global energy by 2050 global energy consumption will reach three times today,battery clip while the smart grid will help to change people, government and business energy consumption habits to ease the rapid urbanization process and the energy supply structural contradictions.tow rope Gan said Bob Griffith, GE has begun to develop appropriate solutions to help cities around the world to reduce carbon emissions, while achieving sustainable development. In Hawaii, GE's renewable energy and network technology to help local greater use of solar and wind energy; in Australia, GE's smart grid information system to help consumers fair use energy; in India,ratchet tie dowm GE's power management system and geographic positioning system to enhance energy efficiency, reduce power outage times. "China is the world's leader, GE's advanced smart grid technology has the efficient use of energy, carbon reduction and other advantages will be good to help China deal with environmental and economic goals."

    Joint training of the European Union and the Chinese Government personnel in central and western China.

    Recently, the 153 businesses from Anhui Province and Chongqing City executives, after six months study, the completion of "China-EU Business Education Programme", received by the China Europe International Business School and University of Frankfurt, financial management and co-issued by a common recognition Certificate.

    "Central Business Education Programme" in Hefei, Chongqing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Nanchang classes, received good results, the back to school is the first batch of students graduated. This year, also in Hohhot, Harbin, Guiyang and the start of the course. China Europe International Business School master plan for training a total of some 450 entrepreneurs, for the central and western cities the equivalent of 45 million yuan worth of training services.

    "EU - China Business Management Training Project" by the EU and the Chinese government to provide financial support for Chinese professionals to provide world-class leading practical business management training model. As a subproject of the project, "Central Business Education Programme" in central and western regions of China are mainly entrepreneurs and provide international economic management, systematic management training to enhance their knowledge of the integrated management and decision-making capacity. According to preliminary estimates, each student takes only 5,000 yuan can be obtained training in the total value of 100,000 yuan.

    Asian companies list outstanding performance in global innovation.

    Recently, the U.S. "Business Week" magazine published in 2010, "Global Innovation 50" list. Since 2005, the annual list released this year, the first time most of the top 25 companies are located outside the United States, the Asian business was especially outstanding, a total of 15 enterprises the list, but only five in 2006. LG which rallied from 27th last year, jumped to No. 7 this year,.

    LG Electronics to spend 1.2 billion U.S. dollars last year to promote, including its star products, including mobile cookie, which helped LG stronger its world's third largest handset maker. Another major event worthy of LG is proud of its more established and better supply chain management system. Through centralized purchasing, LG from the annual 30 billion U.S. dollars in purchase orders to save more than 20 billion dollars. LG Electronics fourth quarter 2009 record sales and operating profit up record. LG Electronics President, Greater China, said Zhao Feng-weight: "LG Electronics 'breakthrough innovation' as the cornerstone of enterprise development. We will rely on innovation as the innovation make life more abundant, the world's best companies."

    Stanley launched in China, "Retsch" brand.

    Recently, the world's leading manufacturer of hand tools Stanley vice president, Asia President Chen Hongze announced that it will launch in the Chinese market professional auto repair tools "Retsch" (RACING).

    In 1843, Stanley founded the company, from creating the world's first to start tape measure, its design, invented until many hardware tools are still widely used today, nearly 170 years of brand history, making sense of the world's most trusted hand tool manufacturer.
    March 15, Stanley announced merger with Decker, "Stanley Decker," Decker is the world's leading power tool manufacturers. With this powerful combination, Stanley Decker will become the core tool industry more competitive, more professionalism and reliability of hand tools and power tool manufacturers, and for our mutual customers with more professional products and services. Stanley global industrial and automotive tools MassimoGrassi Group President, said: "The Stanley company has the world's most comprehensive and advanced industrial and automobile maintenance and related equipment R & D platform is a global industrial and automobile maintenance vanguard of innovation, we will be forthcoming continuously to bring the right products in China. Many of the latest release of products are tailored for the China products, China is very suitable for the needs of automotive repair industry. "

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