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« Dongfang Electric Guotai Junan maintain investment grade collection General Electric and many other foreign companies, CVRD intends to A-share listed »

General Electric Vice President of Xi'an Municipal Committee reception line

    Noon yesterday, the Provincial Committee and Party Secretary in the Bell Tower Hotel Sun Qingyun, met with U.S. Vice President of General Electric Company Mark Norbom line.

    Sun Qingyun first visit Xi'an,booster cables welcomed the guests and briefly introduced this year in Xi'an Economic and social development. He said that Xi'an is focusing on the development of clean energy and semiconductor lighting industry, actively promoting green urban construction, General Electric Company and Xi'an in this regard has a strong industrial complementarity, cooperation is very big. Sun Qingyun hope is to establish a comprehensive,battery clip long-term strategic partnership to further strengthen communication and contact, refine the content of cooperation in the LED lighting industry, green building in the city made the first breakthrough.tow rope Municipal government will strongly support the General Electric Company in the development of Xi'an.

    Mark Norbom on Sun Qingyun expressed thanks for the warm reception. He said,ratchet tie dowm Xi'an has a strong scientific and technological resources, equipment manufacturing capability, R & D capability and other advantages, especially in recent years, rapid economic growth this year in Xi'an is heartening and encouraging. He said GE is willing to strengthen and Xi'an in the clean energy and green lighting industry and other fields, and actively expand cooperation areas and to contribute to the sustainable development of Xi'an.

    Municipal Committee, director of Yue Huafeng Hi-tech Zone, Municipal Office, Municipality, City political commissar, responsible comrades of Hi-tech Zone attended the meeting.

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