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General Electric and many other foreign companies, CVRD intends to A-share listed

    According to foreign media reports, Wu, chairman of CLSA China's long roots that far, including the U.S. General Electric, booster cables the world's largest iron ore supplier CVRD, etc., many foreign companies have expressed interest in listing in China and has consultation on the matter put to him.

    He also said they expected the Asian market regulation will be gradually relaxed.battery clip He also added that Vale CLSA has introduced a fund manager in China.

    CLSA Asia-Pacific CEO Jonathan. Sloan said that China will continue to make its stock market liberalization, which includes allowing foreign companies to list in China.

   tow rope Reported the analysis said, as the Chinese economy show signs of recovery, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 66% this year, which makes foreign companies jealous,ratchet tie dowm and I want to seek a share in China. Informed sources also said the China Securities Regulatory Commission is considering the establishment of an "international board: for overseas business transactions.

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