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Electrical equipment: Focus on the value of economic concerns - Industry Investment Strategy

    1, from November 5, 2008 closing prices starting September 10, 2009 electrical equipment rose to 142.8% on average. Shanghai Composite Index over the same period the rate of 66.1% over the same period of electrical equipment significantly exceeds the broader market.
    Which reflected the strong undervalued stocks, growth,booster cables asset integration, and new energy. 2,1-6 month cumulative installed capacity of 21.96 million kilowatts Add fell basically in line with our expectations of 10% better-than-market expectations.battery clip Energy for thermal power as a basis for the consideration of grid construction of thermal power in the short term can not be completely replaced by the new energy. In addition Guantingbingzhuan and exports an important factor in smoothing the industry cycle.

   tow rope 3, 1-6 from the national grid transformer of representative products decline in the tender data shows that nearly 20% year on year. As part of the tendering and delivery of the transformer for a year at intervals of about 1-6,ratchet tie dowm so in 2009 the number of more representatives of transformer 2010. Proposed focus on high voltage power transmission equipment also is expected to maintain solid growth in the second. 750KV Products 1-6 of the tender in 2009 for the 32434MVA Although the data show a large scale but the growth rate may be distorted elements.

    4, a conservative wind power by 2009 will add 10 million kilowatts in 2010 although the new growth rate of 13.5 million kilowatts has declined but the rate is not low.

    From an investment point of view wind power industry growth trends to determine market expectations is difficult to factor in the emergence of new-than-expected value of wind power industry has entered the investment phase.

    5, the solar industry has faced some long-term bullish but short-term pressures, including the 2009 and 2010 mainly due to the leading enterprises of the policy to change. We see that the components of investment value is greater than the value of polysilicon value.

    6, nuclear power is facing the high cost of nuclear power equipment, a huge market opportunity. We measure the degree of influence a brief look at the impact of the leading enterprises of nuclear power and wind power can be comparable. Dongfang Electric which the level of benefit the most.

    7, the investment strategy: a focus undervalued species. Recommend NARI Dongfang Electric and National Power. 2 attention to improving the expected variety. Focus on three general medicine and Eastern Electric. 3 short-term valuation of the company to hold the main reasonable.

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