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Civil engineering and drainage, electrical installation, etc.

    Industry: machinery and electronic appliances.
    Standard information categories: domestic bidding.
    Source: other.
    Location: Yunnan.

    1. PRC Government has received a World Bank loan for construction projects in Yunnan Urban Environmental Construction,booster cables part of the loan funds will be used for waste disposal project in Lijiang Old Town District sanitary landfill construction contracts (LJ/1.1.1) qualified under the payments. The existing issued by the World Bank "Procurement Guidelines" set forth in the qualified bidders may participate in the bidding.
    2.battery clip Lijiang Old Town District, City waste treatment plant as the owners now invite sealed bids from bidders for the construction of the following works to provide the necessary labor, materials, equipment, construction machinery and services.tow rope The main content of this project: The project scope of work covers Management District sanitary landfill and all the civil engineering and drainage, electrical and other installations. Include: landfill earthwork reservoir, seepage, drainage systems engineering guide, adjust the leachate pond,ratchet tie dowm pollution monitoring wells, supporting project management areas.
    3. Second sale of tender documents in Kunming, each charging 1,200 yuan for express mail service. For each additional 100 yuan mail postal express mail fee. Interested bidders may obtain further information at this location.
    4. All tender documents should be prepared in Chinese, a set of originals, six sets of copies and shall contain the amount of 400,000 yuan RMB in the bid bond. Units using the tender bid bond should be accepted format. Tender documents must be in at 10:00 on September 30, 2009 (Beijing time) to Lijiang City.
    5. Will be held at 10:00 on September 30th, 2009 (Beijing time) public opening of Lijiang in Yunnan Province, the bidder will be representatives should attend the opening.
     6. Tenderer minimum eligibility criteria: (1) simultaneously with municipal public works construction contract of three (with three), and housing construction contract of three (with three); (2) In the past 3 years to complete construction of each of the minimum amount of to 40 million yuan (nearly three years provided audited financial statements); (3) The bidder should be the general contractor has undertaken over the past 5 years had at least two similar contracts of this nature and complexity of the tender the construction project.

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