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« Century Securities: XJ Electric assets into the net in the contemporary era entered the country in the long term benefits Investment in Securities: high level of electrical optimistic about the State Grid Corporation entered the strategic impact »

KGI: high level of electrical UHV Reviews of new projects (research report)

    New 1000KV the company for 10 years on the circuit performance improvement is huge.

    New contract 1.119 billion company in the first half (excluding the bid to be signed project contract 5 billion),booster cables down 34.17%, in addition to net the first half of the country to reduce the amount of 220-550KV tender, the company did not participate due to technical problems the State Grid in 2009 the first half of the second order is also bidding to reduce one of the reasons.
    The situation will be improved in 2H09. National Grid has a clear plan in 2010 and then building two 1000KV high voltage transmission lines, battery clip one from the Huainan - Anhui - Zhejiang North - Shanghai, another one was Jindongnan - the extension of Jingmen, Jingmen - Wuhan - Changsha. From Huainan - Shanghai project approval to consult the reports, the static investment reached 22.7 billion, tow rope a total of four new substations, power transmission capacity of 24,000,000 KVA, UHV is expected to reach 34 intervals. The participation of high level Division Jindongnan - Jingmen two intervals GIS construction, it has successfully passed the 168-hour test run evaluation, ratchet tie dowm GIS products to the company to bring more high-tech and high-performance reputation. Company GIS products from Toshiba to buy technology, product failure rate and the domestic industry of the West High and Shen high not in the same series bits, taking into account the 1000KV high voltage safety and the use of reliability, failure rate of the reduction will be the company's future for more UHV more orders of protection. From the tone of this situation, the company optimistic that in the Huainan - Shanghai received nearly half of the GIS line spacing, will contribute to high level in 2010 of around 1.5 billion in revenue this Part.

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