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Jinan, China Machine Tool Exhibition read from equipment manufacturers directions: To optimize the stronger

    Every two years, China CNC Machine Tool Show has predictable, as the China Machine Tool Industry Association effort to build the industry's top event,booster cables exhibitors have a wide range of products and manufacturers representative, is the highest level of domestic CNC machine tool show, basically reflects Modern CNC machine tools made out of the highest level and the latest products,booster cables high reputation at home and abroad, and this year is to attract the UK, Spain, India and other countries and regions 4 pavilions organized by 25 companies to exhibit and the United States, tow rope Italy, Switzerland, 8 countries and regions set up machine Association Information Desk at the show.

    Fishing was found at the scene show, exhibitors are two types of the most compelling, one is large and high value of large enterprise groups, such as Dalian, Shenyang, Qiqihar the machine groups,ratchet tie dowm which integrates a number of enterprises, from production and other figures, the number is "big man" enterprises; One is the technical level of high intensity level, such as Jinan two machines, a number of techniques to break the foreign monopoly, achieved a major equipment in China, Business Benefit high, the industry has a strong the right to speak.

    Aftershocks of the financial crisis has not completely eliminated, this exhibition is a 4 trillion yuan last year, driving domestic demand and the state "high-end CNC machine tools and basic equipment," technology policy of gradual implementation of major projects such as the first show. In this context, the stronger and bigger issues, the industry once again become a topic of concern.

    Equipment manufacturing industry can not rely on big win, and should take strong win.

    Large heavy-duty machine with a single piece, small batch production characteristics determine that such enterprises can not blindly pursue major. Reporter specifically on the topic of strong and big interview Jinan Machine Tool Group Vice President Zhao Ji. "Looking at the world machine tool manufacturing industry, countries did not seek a large one-sided, but strong demand. In other countries, because the different organization of production, the core business is mainly responsible for the design, assembly, and the basic outsourcing of production, so more than 100 machine tool companies Even big business has. Once you master the core technology and high-end market is strong. "Zhao Ji said," equipment manufacturing enterprises must first seek strong, and then based on the bigger and stronger. Great is not infinite, but suitable for large, is to meet market demand. National Development and Reform Commission has been rein in excess capacity, excess capacity is the so-called low-level redundant construction, is required for non-. Big is not the purpose, to meet the needs of economic and social development is fundamentally different . Therefore, the equipment manufacturing industry can not rely on big win, but to strong to win. "

    Method because of the NC chairman Li Shengjun also said: "do business, do not blindly seek large, to be strong in the industry. Do it first, do not do the second."
    Invoke the authority of the automotive industry experts, Zhang Xiaoyu, chairman of the Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers, then, to see whether a high-end business machines, mainly to see whether customers in the automotive plant.

    Currently 50% of the machine tool products to the automotive industry, services, and equipment manufacturing as a pillar enterprise of Jinan, the "China Automotive Equipment Department," the reputation of Jinan 2 machine has been maintained for 20 consecutive years, the domestic press market share of more than 80% rate

    Is the world's three major manufacturers of stamping, but this is not to simply output a large measured. Almost all made their own brand automotive stamping equipment for large enterprises, Guangzhou Honda, FAW Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, Dongfeng-Nissan joint venture brands such as large selection of Jinan Machine Tool products. Not only is the host manufacturer in use, even for the car companies are also supporting the business with. Currently in the domestic automobile production in the four major process equipment, punching equipment alone does not rely on imports, which provided a large number of Jinan high-end machine stamping equipment. Zhang Xiaoyu March 20 to visit and inspect during Jinan Machine Tool highly, that the company has full access to the press area of the world's advanced ranks.

    Large machine with many domestic companies to produce generic tools based group, the output value and less effective, different road, Jinan two machines rely on technological innovation, R & D a large number of the first to break the monopoly of foreign technology (set) products is taking the high-quality and cost-effective development. The strongest impact on the financial crisis Although in the past, many large enterprise groups machine has not yet, "the pressure of cross God" feeling, but a number of Jinan and other high-end business machines, deep plowing in the field of higher secret agents. In the field of high-end CNC machine tools, second floor large CNC boring and milling machine, heavy duty CNC gantry milling machine to participate in international competition, to enter the international market. The upgrading of product automation, numerical control plane level and the development, import substitution and other areas critical equipment breakthroughs, a group of independent intellectual property rights of high-tech products in the energy, aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships, automobiles, railways and other key economic widely used in the field.

    Jinan two machines "strong" in their industry with the world advanced level of technology to keep pace at the same time the product adaptable, enterprise economic operation quality than the industry average, and last year into China Machinery Industry hundred. SAC in the city's "number three" overall reform program, the "strong and big group of enterprises", Jinan bear the brunt of the second machine.
    Jinan urgent need for equipment manufacturing industry cluster development through policy guidance and strong group of

    Jinan equipment for manufacturing, the most prominent issue is not high degree of industrial clusters, industrial chain is short, scattered layout, poor competitiveness clusters, or "there is no industry leading" or "there is no industry leader." This is a problem throughout the industry in Jinan. People are familiar with this area know that, four of billions of corporate support for the obvious effect of Jinan industry, once one of the companies are such as the financial crisis will lead to volatility. Therefore, an urgent need to adopt policies to guide industry in Jinan, the formation of cluster development, such as creating Yipi Jinan Machine Tool doing so powerful in the industry good reputation and popularity business.

    For many industries in Jinan branch of industry is, there exists the problem of weak industrial matching ability. Jinan only two machines, for example, 50% of the companies supporting each year is purchased from outside the province, even in local procurement, only 29% of the matching products are produced by local enterprises in Jinan, mainly from the Jinan Iron and Steel, G Chen steel four companies. The province's Tengzhou the output of each machine tool industry is 100 billion, has formed a professional production machine tool accessory products, almost machine tool industry, where all the components required to purchase.

    Do companies, especially high-end enterprise, the choice of supporting enterprises, in addition to cost considerations, but also the quality. Second, it is not just a business tool, the Chinese heavy truck as well. China's heavy truck industry chain for so long, had as many as 80% of the package from outside the enterprise in Jinan, so they set up their own park, the introduction of VOSS, Germany, China, Germany, ZF supporting enterprises such as high-end economic package and build their own engine plant, transmission plant and the bridge box factory, and gradually pull up his gold in Jinan chain. "Infinite social resources, social resources will be set up to allow for rapid and stronger." Zhao Ji suggested Jinan equipment manufacturing resources necessary to carry out policy from guidance personnel to develop realistic development strategy, the park development should have a clear place planning. And matching the eyes of enterprises can not just focused on local businesses, we must focus on doing a national business matching, so be strong.

    Jinan businesses thriving enterprise "reserve" a lot.

    Through analyzing some, enterprises in Jinan, you can become a strong enterprise "reserves" are quite a few. Scientific guidance to these enterprises can create multiple key for the Jinan industrial estate and a large number of thriving enterprise.

    In recent years, the national implementation of the "great pressure on the small" policy that mainly supporting small generators have been feeling the economic pan: Thanks to the environmentally friendly products as early as circulating fluidized bed boiler start with. Pot is the economic development of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler technology company first, 20 years along the way, from the first 35 tons / time to the present 650 tons / hour, is the world's production and sales of the product manufacturers more one of its 650 tons / CFB boiler is the time the only large-scale CFB boilers independent intellectual property rights. Economic pot of CFB boiler market share of 90% of the province, in China is absolutely the dominant player. At present, the economic pan in turn make the world targeting the leader in biomass boilers. In addition to R & D 100% straw burning of biomass boilers, the taking of new products and exploiting the strategy of developing high-tech combustion gangue, coal slime and garbage, and Burning of biomass in circulating fluidized bed boiler, recovery boiler and so on.

    Look at Jinan Transformer Group, from 2002's loss-making enterprises along the way, now became China's machinery industry 500, 100 Chinese Electric Industrial, sales revenue, profit and tax revenue to an annual 31.8%, respectively, 38.7% and 29.8% The rate of increase of up to 225% state-owned assets, Maintenance and Appreciation. So far, economic change has been more than 50 transformers into the Olympic stadium, more than 500 transformers to run in Beijing, accounting for the Beijing market transformer operation for nearly 50%; products successfully complete the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, became the first running on more than 4,000 meters above sea level, -40 ℃ low temperature climatic conditions 110KV transformer suppliers. Invest 400 million yuan building a new plant, not only will make competitive products 110KV, 220KV transformer market consolidation, but also had the size and equipment subject to conditions of production, has been in a blank state of EHV and UHV transformers up to do.

    Jinan Heavy Industries is also leading products and strong ball mill, won one fell swoop, "Chinese famous brand", occupies 75% of the domestic market, the electrical equipment, mining equipment, desulphurization equipment, cement equipment, metallurgical equipment, to diversify the areas of development, and a number of products the national standard setters.

    There Marino, economic fuel, Qilu motor, 9 Yang, method for CNC ... ... these companies are trying to reveal the strong business profile in Jinan. For manufacturing enterprises, big is not the only way out. As long as there are good products and enterprises, independent innovation and the tenacity to keep through the scientific and rational planning, guiding, Jinan, the revitalization of industry just around the corner.

    At present, the equipment manufacturing industry is accelerating into the strong competition, Jinan, ready?

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