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Electric injection molding machine method of fault analysis and description

   Part of the phenomenon of electrical fault causes for the failure troubleshooting.

   The motor can not start.

   1, no control power.

   2,booster cables fuse failure or fire.
   3, the motor stop button is self-locking position.
   4, manual, battery clip automatic transfer switch is automatically
   5, overload to ensure that in the off position.
   6, AC contactor failure.

   Motor failure.

   1, connected to power.
   2, the repair or replacement.
   3, the button? tow rope Bit.
   4, the switch to the manual position.
   5,? Bit overloaded and set the current value of the guarantee.

   6, the repair or replacement.
   7, repair motor.

   Temperature control.

   1, no temperature or low temperature, the temperature switch in the off position.
   2,ratchet tie dowm the temperature is set lower than room temperature.
   3, temperature line cut off.
   4, thermostat failure, heat ring fault contactor failure.

   1, the switch in the on position.
   2, re-set the temperature.
   3, the replacement of temperature line.
   4, repair or replacement of damaged components.

   Temperature is high.

   1, temperature sensor wire loose or failure.
    2, AC contactor contact adhesion or institutions are not in place.
Thermostat failure. 1, tighten or replace the temperature control head temperature line.
   2, the repair or replacement contactor.
   3, repair or replace the thermostat. 3, the temperature fluctuated 1, temperature sensor wire loose or probe failure.
   2, the thermostat control. 1, tighten the head or replace the thermostat temperature line.
   2, repair or replace the thermostat. 4, the working status of each action line or electrical failure of electrical component failure. Accordance with the circuit to find and eliminate it.

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