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Dongfang Electric, Morgan Stanley see that 44 per

   Research report published by Morgan Stanley, the Dongfang Electrical Machinery (01072) Investment rating by the "big city Sync" moved to "overweight," target price from 15.7 yuan to 44.07 yuan increase substantially to reflect the growth of its nuclear power business,booster cables higher than expected gross margin of wind power and coal-generating capacity of better than expected.

   The bank Dongfang Electrical Machinery from 2009 to 2011 profit forecast 12-40 percent increase, and that the company's power generation equipment industry is the most attractive business, as Dongfang Electric has the best combination of capacity and wind power are the best providers, in GII + technology of nuclear power equipment industry,battery clip has the highest market share, the future development of China's new energy plan and nuclear power equipment order from the news will be the catalyst for the stock.

   Morgan Stanley noted that recent media reports, Oriental Motor has been locked for more nuclear power equipment orders, tow rope and the company's management also confirmed in a conference call this year, orders for nuclear power equipment can have up to 1-fold increase, from 16.5 billion last year yuan rose to exceed the earlier target set more than 300 billion yuan. The company's management also expects, if 2011 to 2012 large-scale production of nuclear power equipment business, ratchet tie dowm and its gross margin will be comparable to coal power generation equipment, or even higher. Improvement in the economic environment as well as parts prices, Dongfang Electrical Machinery wind power business is expected to stabilize at 15% gross profit margin, even if the average price of 10% to 15% of the decline.

   Rita Daphne are attracted hundreds.

   Meanwhile, a separate report, Morgan Stanley maintain Belle International (01880) and Daphne (00210) "overweight" rating, and attractive views of the industry, and Belle target price rose to 10 from 4.9 Yuanta yuan, while Daphne rose to 6.2 yuan from 2.72 yuan.

   The bank noted that with the improved business fundamentals, since March same-store sales growth has improved, the two company's share price has rebounded, but I think the market has not fully reflect the potential for earnings growth next year, because retailers will benefit from higher operating leverage, and reduced the price cuts and promotional activities.

   Morgan Stanley said that the valuation is still attractive Belle, equal to 18.6 times 2010 forecast earnings, compared with the historical average is still 25 times the distance, while Daphne price is equal to 13.8 times 2010 forecast earnings, the historical average is 15 times.

   The bank expects 80% of Daphne's operating expenses are fixed, while the ratio of Belle was 45%, if the same store growth of 2% per liter, Daphne and all of Belle's profit rose 6.4% and 2.4%. In addition, Belle scale due to improved gross margins, due to the acquisition and improvement of the macroeconomic environment that network expansion to accelerate.

   Offshore real estate better than the broader market.

   Credit Suisse issued a research report that for the first time offshore real estate (03,377) included in the study, and to its "Outperform" rating, target price of 11.64 yuan, based on its future assets at a discount of 10%, is expected to have 33% potential upside.

   The bank said in the past few years, offshore real estate successfully expanded its footprint to the Bohai Sea by the Beijing-based parent company's influence in the coastal cities, and its state-owned background, I believe that offshore real estate in the next few years will be another only the national state-owned enterprises.

   The bank believes that real estate will continue to benefit from its offshore Bohai Rim region in the unique position, together with its value not to expensive land acquisition strategy should continue to enhance its assets.

   Credit Suisse expects offshore real estate in 2009 and 2010 will add 1.5 million square meters of the land bank assets per share are expected to increase 1 yuan. The risk rating policies, including government support backward, and in addition to the Bohai Sea region a potential execution risks.

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