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[Electrical Equipment] Electrical equipment: Energy Policy shot trillion market gradually opened the door

    Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced on June 15, "Project to support energy management contract (Trial)": By contract energy management projects, energy savings of 15% to 25% of the enterprises, booster cables the government will give no higher than 20% of project investment subsidies, energy savings of more than 25% of project investment companies with less than 30% of the subsidy.
    Subsidies for individual projects in principle, more than 5 million yuan. Where more than 2 million square meters of public buildings,battery clip or the annual energy consumption of 2,000 tons of standard coal or more units, or the energy to achieve energy saving of 15% after the New Year one of three conditions of the unit, can enjoy the policy.

    User enthusiasm for investment promotion, boost energy efficiency services market started.

    We believe that the introduction of policies or the means to encourage domestic energy services market, tow rope start: 1) If the amount of 30% of the subsidy, the average payback period of investment in energy saving will be 3 years to 2 years,ratchet tie dowm the enthusiasm to improve the user; 2) the end 【bull management 】, established a government management model to support building energy efficiency; 3) The Government is expected to further resolve the problem by relaxing credit constraints on the fundamental development of the industry from the engineering side financing problems; 4) The rapid emergence of a number of image projects will bring the market explosive growth; 5) Beijing's policy will have a demonstration effect in the country, is expected to encourage the building energy efficiency policies across the country will promote the national energy services market.

    2.6 trillion market gradually opened the door, there are still 60 times the building energy efficiency market for growth.

    National energy services industry in 2006 is only worth about 82 billion while in 2008 this number had reached 41.7 billion, a CAGR of 126%. However, at present there are 400 billion square meters of existing buildings, according to EMCA estimates, more than 130 million square meters of which need to be energy-saving, cost 200 yuan per square meter transformation of calculation, only the existing buildings for energy saving of up to 2.6 trillion yuan in there market, equivalent to 60 times the capacity of the current market.

    Tellhow (Quotes Forum information): Beijing started energy management contract market, the direct beneficiaries.

    Beijing public buildings within the area of large civil construction accounted for only 5.4%, but the annual consumption is as high as 33 million degrees, close to half of the city's residential electricity consumption, will be the focus of policy support.

    Tellhow (Quotes Forum IT) system integration in large public buildings holds a 5% share of the market, while long-term open Beijing market, with many famous cases. Short term, companies benefit directly from Beijing EMC market launch, and promote the success of energy-saving products for traditional business and BIPV business growth; the long term, energy services company with core competitiveness of the market: brand and financial strength, which is expected to become a global market leader.

    Traditional business companies to maintain more than 30% compound growth, and energy services business and BIPV heavy volume will drive the business results of the next 3 years to maintain more than 50% compound growth. We follow the 25 times 2010 earnings, giving the company target price of 20 yuan, the proposed purchase.

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