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General Electric as a result of foreign peace out authentic country life or replacement

    Deep in the development of China's peace and quiet waiting for regulatory response, the Shenzhen Development and General Electric Finance International Finance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as General Electric) in the period of "old friends" put out.
    Year between SDB and the general, "breaking up" the reasons should be wary of China's Ping An,booster cables China Life's foot in the same time the risk is worth Ping alert. Shanghai Yi Fan Advisory blend of analysts believe that China's Ping An Life is probably authentic replacement.

    General Electric Zengyin foreign identity out.

    In 2005,battery clip the bridge took over in the second year after the development of deep, deep financial development and General Electric International Finance Corporation signed a "Subscription Agreement", which invested $ 100,000,000 want to 5.247 yuan / share price Shenzhen Development Bank shares private placement subscription, subscription,tow rope the total proportion of foreign shareholders will not exceed 24.99%. However, this "cross-border love" is in the October 23, 2007 stop. The same day, Shenzhen Development made announcement that passed the "on the termination of the Bank and the International Finance Corporation, General Electric Finance signed <Share Subscription Agreement" motion. "

    Market, ratchet tie dowm who asked not to be named told reporters that after two years to terminate this relationship is due to General Electric's "foreign" status. Sources pointed out that the matter of "foreign marriage" more prudent regulatory authorities, and ultimately rejected the deal.

    Now hot in the "flat deep love", peace in the family background and perhaps regulators considered an important factor. Ping are the two biggest shareholders of HSBC Insurance Holdings Limited and The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, respectively, 8.43% and 8.36% holding of shares.

    In the majority of people are concerned, even though the proportion of foreign capital accounted for a lot, Ping is still named "in." Ping An of China has also repeatedly position: HSBC has 3 seats on the board, but did not participate in management. Whether the final regulatory approval of this relationship is still unknown.

   "Third party" or the simple country life.

    Shanghai Yi Fan blend of consulting analyst, believes that the interpretation of China Life guest "level of deep Love" episode might really simple. China Life China Ping An event may be authentic without replacement, third party may also be a happy ending. According to the "Daily Economic News" to understand, on June 12, Ping and deep development to be announced "in hand" message before the development of China Life Insurance to submit to the deep involvement of private placement of subscription letter of intent. Although the letter of intent on the board in the Shenzhen Development Bank has also been read, but the development of deep thought, and not for the moment in China Life who stay. Shenzhen Development Bank that the peace plan put forward more specific, the price is more appropriate.

    According to report, China Life also convened on the 12th told reporters Ping and deep desire to get involved in the development of the issue, but fell through. Why promote a high-profile China Life is really puzzling. But some market participants believe that China Life is more pure or more of Chinese origin was "older" lady.

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