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UBS: Coke or on the A shares of General Electric

    (Reporter Di Mengyu) with? Mainland market rebound, the market's long-silent new shares to restart soon,booster cables attracted a lot of attention from investors, many foreign enterprises to the A-share market of considerable interest currency card.
    Foreign news agencies quoted UBS said Coca-Cola, General Electric and Wal-Mart and other U.S. companies may seek stock market listing in the Mainland. Chairman Li Ka-shing long and the Department earlier also said that Hutchison (0013) is likely to list in Shanghai, while HSBC (0005), Unilever and a number of multinational companies are listed on the A shares of the expression of strong interest.

    In a time when the uncertain global economy, the mainland stock market is having a flourishing and prosperity,battery clip not only will be held in Shenzhen GEM completion of the formation on July 1, A shares, or at the end of this month to restart IPO, Shanghai,tow rope ready to create an international board of ongoing work in full swing . Analysts believe that the current mainland stock market board, the GEM, while advancing the international board, most likely three-step rhythm is financing, GEM IPO, board IPO, red-chip return to A shares.

    A share IPO will receive RMB financing.

    Bloomberg quoted strategist at UBS in Hong Kong, said John Tang, a dozen eye-catching performance in China,ratchet tie dowm overseas companies will want to Martin IPO A-share market, including Coca-Cola, General Electric and Wal-Mart and other companies, but these companies do not response to the matter. John Tang that, A share IPO allows direct access to much needed foreign enterprises RMB financing pipeline. He predicted that the Chinese government may allow Western consumer goods and manufacturing companies listed in the A shares.

    However, the former Merrill Lynch chief economist Donald Straszheim is that U.S. companies listed in China may not be interested. He did not polite to point out, whether it is performance or supervision, China's stock market still strong enough to have no history of performance in these improvements, it will not have any foreign companies listed in China.

    33 companies to be listed on the mainland.

    In addition, the Mainland IPO resumption news we do not, the mainland city of 33 companies passed last year by the Audit Commission is currently waiting for listing, to be issued share capital totaled 14.4 billion shares, raising 72.2 billion yuan material. The securities industry was widely predicted that shares in the IPO may be the end of restart, Everbright Securities, Zunyi Titanium and Sichuan expressway, could become the first Chinese mainland enterprises listed companies.

    In addition, the further hope that the Mainland China Mobile (0941), CNOOC (0883) that registered in the state outside the red-chip companies, return to A-share listed.

    Tencent Holdings (0700) Founder and Chairman Mr. Ma said earlier that the issue be clarified mechanisms of the Mainland IPO resumption, the wish to return A-share market.

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