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Schneider Electric Du Huajun: main building energy efficiency market

    Although the total business volume last year, only 20% of the company's China operations, booster cables the current development of this market is still difficult, but Schneider Electric (China) has announced that it would have been the main effort into energy efficiency, particularly in the field of building energy efficiency .

    The company's China president Du Huajun yesterday in energy saving technology innovation and public policy experts to give lectures and activities made it clear that, although the market is still difficult to calculate the size of the future, but the company is optimistic about the market potential of energy saving in China,battery clip will cooperate with a number of companies to jointly develop the market.

    In the real estate industry consensus is that a large number of energy saving products using high-tech home, of course,tow rope the use of cost and energy consumption is very low, but higher than the investment per square meter, resulting in a higher price than the surrounding real estate. This makes energy-efficient buildings often were praised.

    Du Huajun clearly knows it. In response to the "Daily Economic News" on energy efficiency markets,ratchet tie dowm especially energy-saving building products market size, growth rate and the market share of Schneider Electric to share, Du Huajun to still the "new things", and now Comments market size and market share "more difficult" to respond.

    However, these difficulties in his eyes is not worth mentioning, let him really interested in is a huge market potential. "China has a large number of buildings, not just those new real estate development, there are many buildings have been built, including public buildings." He Shanghai Pudong International Airport Phase II, for example, two energy-saving equipment used in building over a period increased by 20%.

    He also said that Schneider will continue to research, so that technology is more mature and able to develop low-cost, energy-efficient buildings used for high-performance equipment.

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