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Fox Westinghouse Electric valves by China orders

    Recently, Fox won the Westinghouse Electric Company, two major orders, the two projects Westinghouse nuclear power projects in China AP1000TM.
    As early as last May,booster cables Fox had won the Westinghouse Electric Company for the Chinese nuclear power projects in the two steam isolation valves of the project order,battery clip under the Westinghouse Electric Company for valves of other security-related orders, including the Westinghouse nuclear projects AP1000TM use to the main feedwater isolation valve and electric valve.
    Lewis Kling, President and CEO of Fox, said: "These orders show that we supply in the nuclear power market is still in a leading position, while strengthening our nuclear power plants in the industry as the responsibility of the supply valve,tow rope and more proof of our ability to meet stringent customer quality requirements. "
    The fourth quarter of 2008, the latest order, the first electric valve will be used for Westinghouse AP1000TM nuclear reactors. Fox orders, including electric valve Anchor / Darling Valve, Edward Fox, and Fox Limitorque valve actuator.ratchet tie dowm Flowserve Flow Control Division President Tom Pajonas said, "We are very pleased to receive these additional nuclear power plants valves Westinghouse AP1000TM orders. As the executing agency and the valve manufacturer, Volkswagen has excellent ability to design, produce nuclear safety valve and the electric service it provides. "
    The new Westinghouse nuclear power plant, located in Sanmen and Haiyang, are expected in 2013 and 2014 operations. China's four nuclear power projects AP1000TM selected Westinghouse to build.

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