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Experts read: Melamine This is why the incorporation of chemical raw materials of milk

    Playing expert: China Agricultural University, Ho Total State Food Nutrition and Safety department.

    ■ Background: Recently,booster cables excessive melamine milk coming out again, Gansu, Qinghai, Jilin, began to trace. Police preliminary investigations, Hebei and other places from raw milk purchased detected excessive melamine of more than 500 times.

    Melamine see again, I feel bad, because melamine and other food safety issues are completely different. battery clip A few years ago the "snails incident" because the parties do not understand food security posed; Nestle milk iodine problem is caused by excessive iodine diet, tow rope and iodine is a nutrient, there is no harm to the people; and melamine in milk powder is artificially added. If for their own interests and harm others, then, that small is Tucaihaiming that big a disaster.

    ■ Melamine is a chemical raw material.

    Melamine in milk products should not have, neither food additives, nor is the production of additives,ratchet tie dowm it is a downright chemical raw materials. Melamine is a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic triazine compounds, heterocyclic important organic chemical raw materials. Its main use is as an organic chemical intermediate products, the production of melamine-formaldehyde resin (MF) of raw materials. Melamine can also be flame retardant, water-reducing agent, formaldehyde, cleaning agents. The resin of high hardness than urea-formaldehyde resin, non-flammable, water, heat resistance, aging resistance, arc resistance, chemical corrosion, good insulation properties, gloss and mechanical strength, widely used in wood, plastic, paint, paper, Textiles, leather, electrical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

    Decorative Panel: can be made of fire, earthquake, heat-resistant laminate, bright color, strong heat-resistant decorative plates, do aircraft, ships and furniture, panels and fire, earthquake, heat housing decoration materials.

    Paint: Use alcohol, alcohol ether of a post as senior thermosetting coating, powder coating crosslinking agent, can be made of metal coatings, and vehicles, electrical appliances with high-grade amino resin decorative paint.

    Molding powder: After mixing, granulation processes can be made of melamine plastic, excessive, dirt, moisture, while still maintaining good electrical properties, can be made of white, impact play of the artefacts, sanitary ware and imitation porcelain tableware and electrical equipment such as advanced insulation materials.

    Paper: After etherification with ethyl ether can be used as paper-handling agents, production of anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinkage, non-perishable money and military maps and other senior paper.

    Melamine formaldehyde resin: mixed with other materials, can also produce fabric finishing agents, leather tanning Run agent, polishing agent and anti-agent, rubber adhesive, accelerant, efficient cement water reducer, steel desalination agent.

    The current technical level, even in the production of polymer materials, there may be some favorable monomer, through contact with food and transferred to the food, and its content is minimal, and never reach the level of harm to human health, Therefore, only man-made it possible to add such a high concentration.

    ■ Adding melamine would inferior milk.

    Tested by examining the bodies.

    I've said before, criminals can not be no reason to add some useless additives, additives, after all, is to be purchased, but also need to add to this, in pursuit of profits for the purpose of the enterprise, adding a certain banned substances is to cover up something.

    State to protect consumer interests, safeguard consumer safety, according to the milk adulteration problems arise, develop and continuously improve the acceptance criteria of milk. Such as to prevent watered to begin to test the proportion of milk, the so-called Road Bearing in mind that fraudsters began adding starch, dextrin and other substances, and finally occurred in 2004 shocked the world milk powder in Fuyang events.

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