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Summer high temperature fault projector maintenance of common sense tips and more

    Weather is hot, as heat is the worst of office equipment, the projector once again put on our summer maintenance of the desk ... ...
    To combat today uphold the main principles, supplemented by nonsense, and we talk about the summer of projector use,booster cables maintenance of a number of rare knowledge, the following directly into the theme, not a waste of saliva and ramble about why we maintain this projector million on the same topic!
Filter dust.

    Dust is essential for the maintenance of the projector to work on is particularly important in terms of LCD projectors. As LCD panel projector fully dedicated cooling fans are generally tens of liters of air per minute flow of its air-cooled,battery clip high-speed airflow through the filter network may also entrainment of tiny dust particles after they have static friction between the adsorbed system, which will affect the projection screen.
   Therefore, tow rope the projector is very important to use dust-proof environment, must be non-smoking, is more easily absorbed by dust particles in the optical system. Always clean the inlet filter at the network, at least once a month. Any time, be sure to ensure proper air filter cover, ratchet tie dowm every 50 hours using the filters on the projector to clean air, clean-up steps are as follows:

   1. Unplug the power cord.
   2. Remove the air filter cover.
   3. Clean the filter (clean filter using vacuum cleaner dust).
   4. The filter network back into the dry wash with water.
   5. The air filter cover properly covered.

   Ceiling mounted projectors, to ensure that the upper space of the room ventilation. When lifting the projector, it is often only pay attention to the surroundings and forget the problem of rising hot air in the work of the projector on the ceiling, the ambient temperature and the following are very different, therefore, can not ignore this.

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