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Fair one end of the high turnover of Jiaxing Hardware industry

    Recently, the 107th Canton Fair Phase I concluded, Jiaxing trade delegation impressive,booster cables Jiaxing 144 booths related to consumer electronics, electrical and electronic products, hardware, household appliances, lighting products, 81 companies appear. According to statistics, battery clip 5 days, Jiaxing transactions of the branch's clients received more than 8,000 people total, and reached 879.066 billion U.S. dollars contract traded intention than last year growth of 7.28%.

    Fair a number of stalls in Jiaxing, a total of 16 brands to secure a booth, but all brand new booth.tow rope Municipality is responsible for group development of foreign trade office figure, since the opening of the Canton Fair, businessmen enthusiastically, to the significant increase in the last Legco will be buyers,ratchet tie dowm exhibitors confidence and lively discussion. But the company reflects buyers to South America, Middle East and other emerging markets, mostly European and American customers but slightly reduced, it might as Europe and the United States economy has yet to really recover, spending power is not strong; the other hand, due to Iceland's volcanic eruption, resulting in a large number of airport closure flights canceled factors, many European merchants can not be participants.

    Steel prices since the beginning of more than 25%, as the main raw material to steel hardware, tools and other foreign companies are worried about some companies signed the order early heavy losses. I understand that many companies offer at the fair, the full account of the exchange rate, raw material price fluctuations and other factors that could impact a reasonable increase the offer. Many companies are actively using financial derivatives, the export credit insurance and other means to circumvent the current complicated and trade policy risks, and expand export transactions.

    "The dwindling cost advantages, only through innovation, increasing value-added products to achieve lasting competitiveness." This is a consensus of participating enterprises in Jiaxing. Has been mainly producing garden tools, Zhejiang Yate Electric Co., Ltd., this year developed a new electric power tool, specially invited international designers to design new products, exhibitors effect is very good, average, clients received more than 150 people a day.

    According to the author to understand, to better serve the Canton Fair on the enterprise in Jiaxing, Jiaxing international e-commerce application platform and joined Fair site, through the China International Electronic Commerce Center's booth to promote Jiaxing platform for greater understanding of overseas businessmen in Jiaxing Jiaxing products business and a move praised by the business.

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