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New era of electric vehicles created new opportunities leads the way

    Make electric vehicles a reality, innovative approaches need to put into three levels: government, individual enterprises and whole value chain.

    Imagine,booster cables in 2020, was driving your own electric car to a health club, figured the way to his car battery. When you drive into the charging station, the car navigation system will guide you towards the desired location directly. battery clip You park the car in the charge position, press the display on the "start charging" button, went straight to the gym for an hour of fitness. To get the vehicles back, you do not deal with those pesky payment process, because the charge has been included in your cost of electricity services programs.

    All forces are committed to this vision 2020 a reality. When climate change, dependence on oil and the city's traffic pollution is a global problem, car manufacturers and policy makers are increasing efforts to fight the electric car a viable alternative to traditional fuel vehicle choices.

    Along with oil-fired power rather than increasing the number of cars, industry revenue will undergo significant transformation, tow rope a new 3 billion dollars in the value chain to emerge, which will bring huge business opportunities for some companies, also will some other enterprises are facing severe challenges. ratchet tie dowm Those new business models and operations to establish forward-looking strategy for these new enterprises will become the industry leader in market segments. Significant changes in income will be reflected in the value chain of three major means of transport: energy transport, conversion and propulsion systems, and public and personal services.

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