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Effective depth of interpretation "supermarket chain" model

    Effective tool to always give us surprises, recently launched the "hardware. Appliances. Commodity supermarket chain" concept and planning, this one, amazed the world, attracting attention from all sides.
    The effective hit the "create a brand to create a boss from the" slogan, plans to build 5,000 national chain stores, the achievements of 5,000 entrepreneurs in the country, "the boss dream.booster cables " 2009 has been launched effective electrical "supermarket chain" model, the early results. What is a "supermarket" model, what prompted the initiation of the concept of effective, any special, with the mode of propulsion, lift the veil, that layer of mystery gradually retire.

    Originator - reduce flow of intermediate links.

    Effective to create hardware,battery clip electrical, daily supermarket is based on better service to consumers the starting point. Along with social progress and development of diversified, tools, products from manufacturing to the final into the hands of consumers, in the middle there are many complex and tortuous link. Hardware industry has a wide variety of products, many manufacturers,tow rope the market competition, but still very broad space for development, effective to do is gather the country's most outstanding advantage of hardware and tools business and our product design and brand, through the establishment of sound marketing network, the good brand products to market. To create a link, let the tool more efficient and convenient delivery to consumers,ratchet tie dowm therefore, thought of building effective "chain of supermarkets," this model.

    "Effective tools are tools, messengers, the tools we offer to consumers, which Bian includes the production, manufacture, sales process, we just finished the middle of a process. So I think this process should have a variety of methods and models, so we have effective tools in the industry's first sale of such a business model. "

    Inheritance - ignite brand awareness.

    Effective in this model the brand placed in a very important position, re-ignited their brand awareness. The so-called brand, which is marked with a sign of a commodity, a kind of confidence to consumers, is a credit guarantee, but also a value of the mass body. Consumers buy the brand product, but also is to receive a credit commitment. He bought the rest assured, the use of comfort, the value of their goods will get more passes.

    Effective "chain stores" model will set up a number of product categories, the consumer creates a strong overall image, not only advocacy role to play better, and further create a strong impact, enhance brand image. To build the brand in the era of effective products is not limited to winning, but also in the mode of quick step, pre-emptive.

    Effective chain model specific planning.

    Effective tool of the "chain model" is still in the planning stage, planning them. The actual operation has just begun, the situation about it, the general manager Shen Zhixiang, has made the introduction: "First is the scale of. We divided the ABCD four specifications, that is sub-size. A class is a store of more than 20 square meters, B category 60 squares, C class is 80 square, D class is more than a hundred square feet. So, the planning of various different configurations, the lowest is 20 million, that is, you give me 20 million, and I dream of a boss you round. We will take good care of all the franchisees until smooth opening. If you join those who feel at risk, not wanted to do, and we can recover, while the franchisees are nothing more than the loss of rent, staff and other aspects of financial losses, other losses will not . In addition, we will give strong protection to franchisees, our existing outlets and channels will give you information, and protection and guidance to join, so that they gradually move onto the channel, from not knowing to understand, never to be really into to our sales channels. "

    Effective plans to establish 5,000 stores nationwide, through in-depth market research, the hardware, electrical, and daily necessities that every family must, effective "chain supermarket" market purchasing power is sufficient. Effective in the planning requirements of the various supermarket chains exhibit a uniform, uniform sample display, every place will be different according to each adjust to local circumstances, and strive to ensure the effective and systematic holistic brand. Specific in each region will create a successful model shop out, as a development benchmark. Effective tool in the hardware industry is one of the best companies are, therefore, with our years of experience and capital accumulation, with strong capabilities, and more is effective there is a strong team to operate the project.

    The chain model is effective tool from the "manufacturing brand" to "create the boss" of the change. Effective short-term goal is to plan to use three to five years, into three hundred million of the funds to build a hardware store, the ultimate aim is to reach 50 million sales target.

    Join the low barriers to entry.

    Because the basic hardware and tools consumers will use, does not require high consumption of knowledge and guidance to consumers as long as the franchisee the right to use tools on the line. Meanwhile, the effective quality of the products is enough to ensure that consumers in the normal state without any problems. That the professional requirements of staff is relatively low. First, he must have this ambition, followed by not enough money does not matter, from bank loans, if the bank loan for it, or not enough can be made to effective corporate loans. Can be said that franchisees and not much risk, effective tool to help guide them until they themselves can operate independently of the will to leave, to ensure that they join a successful one.

    Channel construction - three or four lines from rural to urban progress.

    Now, many companies are going on the expansion and operation of network marketing, it became the main sales channels. And effective in the new situation to do their own "chain model." "Based on this consideration, we want products delivered to consumers, we not only have a good product, but also have a good marketing channels in order to ensure that products can be delivered to the consumer's hands. Only a a good guarantee, so consumers do not have to worry about, our products can be sold more, the chain model is also able to play better. "

    Today, China is promoting construction of new socialist countryside, which for the hardware chain model provides a good opportunity for development. Construction of new socialist countryside is to make the original scattered villages to set up a community together to form the development of urbanization, which is a sign of progress of human civilization.

    The large number of villages will be brought together, there will be hospitals, schools, kindergartens, post offices, shops and other such needs. Therefore, "we want to start from the countryside, from small local start, then we will gradually expand to three or four-tier cities, I think that the direction of development more in line with the needs of National, also in line with the actual needs of our business."

    We turn next to the city in the country to promote the county level. Location of the agents will be responsible for this one, who will join a series of interviews, comprehensive evaluation of the link and so on. And then follow-up work, including capital investment, store layout and decoration, and training. Only those fully qualified to join, and will let him (her) officially opened.

    Inheritance and Innovation.

    Effective launch of "hardware, electrical, commodity chains," this model is to promote the new market situation, both the industrial heritage of the original, gave it new life. The increasingly fierce market competition for all enterprises worked hard in the Red Sea, effective getting bumped out, seeking to break from the pattern of innovation,

    Only the creation of new business models, rapid development in this unpredictable market can be successful. And this successful model will also become the industry's leading model, which led the brand development. Capable of the "supermarket chain" mode has awakened people to the brand awareness, but also to the operation of the hardware industry with a brand new way of thinking, as a direct product sales people close to the life and the future full of confidence in the victory effective, and similarly, we also expect this model can be effective with another miracle.

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