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Make investment income with the "rest" dance

    May's CPI data is expected, consumer price index in May rose 3.1%, more than 3% of the cordon, a record high of 19 months. At present, one-year deposit interest rate commercial banks is 2.25%, compared with the CPI index is equivalent to shrink by 85 basis points.
    In other words,booster cables under the current level of price increases, the money in the bank, the gains can not compensate for inflation losses.

    Overseas, inflation-indexed bonds is the most basic tools to fight inflation. Inflation-indexed bonds is the basic principle: the bond principal and interest payments due to changes with the inflation index adjustment. U.S. inflation-protected bonds, such as TIPS (TreasuryInflationProtectedSecurities) is one of typical products, TIPS biggest feature is its index of principal and interest based on changes in CPI adjusted periodically. Institutional investors tend to purchase such products,battery clip and applied to life insurance, retirement accounts, hedge funds and going, so as to provide individual investors a way to avoid the risk of inflation.

    Although there are many domestic experts, should be the inflation-indexed bonds to develop products,tow rope but not yet on the market launch of the product plan. Thus, for investors, also need to find their own income to with the "income" investments dancing.

    In the near future launch of several products, with the yield has been adjusted with the concept of, in particular the bank a "step by step to win," the financial products, not only by way of a sub-interest,tow rope and the products of the proceeds will changes in market interest rates were adjusted from time to time. At the same types of financial products, still belongs to the first case.

    Interest section "step by step to win."

    It is reported that ICBC has launched a "step by step to win" is a term-based financial products and flexible, but with other types of products compared with the "step by step to win," the proceeds will be incremental, as investors different holding period, the bank for this product is a "sub-interest" approach. That is, investors hold the product in accordance with the number of days into a 6-speed is expected to an annualized rate of return, holding the number of days more, the higher rate of return. ICBC announced in the current product status for the expected rate of return: holding products, the number of days 1-29 days of the expected rate of return of 0.36%, 30-89 days of the expected rate of return of 1%, 90-179 days Expected of return was 2.2%, 180-269 days of the expected rate of return of 2.5%, holding 270 to 364 days of the expected rate of return of 2.8%, 365-539 days of the expected rate of return can be achieved in 3.3 %. Can see that the various stages of this product yields compared to the same period of deposit interest rates has certain advantages.

    Investment in "step by step to win" two advantages to this type of products is good for both to help investors cash management, financial products as a flexible term, "step by step to win" will not have a fixed financial period, investors can at any time based on their use of the funds for product redemption, the current "step by step to win," opened the day redemption, redemption features usually by appointment, at the redemption orders issued, funds T +2 working days to be credited into account; At the same time, returns to investors the investment period can be extended with the "rising in tandem." In addition to income on bank deposits have advantages over, the way sub-interest-bearing deposits to solve the problem of lack of flexibility.

    In the "step by step to win," the product design, there are two more practical features are also worth attention from investors. ICBC's financial expert said that the "step by step to win," the redemption, the bank will be based on "last in, first out" principle, the redemption of the product to maximize return on investment. For example, customers in the June 21, 2010 10 million copies of purchase confirmation "step by step to win" financial product, August 31, 2010 and 5 million copies of purchase confirmation. If the December 30, 2010 he confirmed the redemption of 10 million copies, then in accordance with the "last in, first out" principle of redemption, redemption of shares, 5 million copies of the existence of the number of days to 122 days, corresponding to yield of 2.2%, other 50 000 survival were the number of days to 193 days, corresponding to yield of 2.5%.

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