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Spend 600 million yuan in Jiangsu's first mall built in the city-style Hardware & Electrical

   Spend 600 million yuan, Jiangsu's first mall-style metal electrical professional big market, across the board to introduce "business model Yongkang", Zhenjiang only a "mall-style management and market operation,booster cables " the professional market, the overall construction has been basically completed ... ... June 30 Dingmao in Zhenjiang City, central business district the perfect present.

    6 billion investment from the Asia-Pacific home of the "Pacific Plaza", a building area of 90,000 square meters, located in the heart of Zhenjiang New district, dominating the main road Dingmao New Road shopping center, the second road, away from city center is only 5 km, is a very convenient transportation hub of transactions, is a production, sales, logistics and business as one of the metal electrical professional market.battery clip This project will not only close to the city overall development plan for urban expansion, and location advantages in other aspects of the project are regarded as an excellent project.

    It is learned that "Pacific Plaza" main quality hardware appliances, and carefully selected three types of strong market demand format, hardware, electronics, home furnishings, lighting lamps, tow rope and to create a professional big market as the core distribution, logistics, transportation, commercial facilities, dining and entertainment formats for the add, high-end brands and luxury brands Central as a major commercial enterprise formed, with wholesale and retail functions plus professional market. Pacific Plaza II,ratchet tie dowm while for the urban elite to create a gold collar professional Landis apartments and three Grade A office building Asia-Pacific, is a professional urban complex projects, the future development of the region immeasurable, has attracted many investors to discuss or home.

    The opening soon of 3 million square meters of "Asia-Pacific Plaza Hardware & Electrical City", there are 300 businessmen stationed, West Germany gathered in the electrical, Long can, Bosch Tools, People Electric, Schneider Electric, Electric Tengen Chint Electric, Sakura Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, businesses and other brands, driving around the whole region of Jiangsu electrical hardware industries, the traditional means of production so that the original "sporadically" temporary small-scale "market" through government support, policy guidance, market cultivation and other related measures, the formation of industrial accumulation, and actively build the Yangtze River Delta Hardware Product Distribution Center.

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