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Automatic fire alarm system inspection, maintenance

    First, the system checks (usually checking).

    (A) visual inspection.

    1. Check all equipment (such as the detector base, terminal box, manual button and the alarm controller, etc.) have all been installed wiring, wiring in place.

    2. Compliance with regulatory requirements grounding system: automatic fire alarm system uses special grounding device,booster cables its value is not greater than 4 ohms resistance, the use of common ground, should not be greater than 1 ohm; Fire AC-powered electronic devices, battery clip its metal shell and metal stents should be protective grounding, earthing and electrical protection should be the grounding line (PE line) phase connection.

    3. Check whether there is damage to the probe shape. If damaged, should be maintained by the manufacturer or a professional recycling company,tow rope it is because some ionic detectors containing radioactive material.

    4. Check various alarm controller knobs, switches, plug-ins such as shape and structure is intact.

    (B) of the alarm controller functionality, performance checks.

    1. Through the fire alarm devices on the controller to manually check,

    Check the alarm functionality of the controller, ratchet tie dowm including fire, various fault monitoring function, mute function is normal.

    2. AC power off to observe the work of BZT, the various functions are normal.

    3. Observe the voltmeter, ammeter indication is normal.

    4. All lights, switches, buttons should be no damage and bad situation.

    5. Check the alarm by manually checking device controller function, performance, automatic fire suppression, the output control contacts Dengjun should not move, the clock should not stop the clock.

    (C) system function and performance checks.

    1. Simulation test the effectiveness of the detectors, the observation of the alarm sound and light alarm controller is normal, the probe region and building parts of the corresponding number is accurate.

    2. Remove any one fire detector, the alarm should be fault display on the controller.

    3. Such as automatic alarm system and automatic fire extinguishing device is connected, making the system function, performance examination, should cut off the automatic fire extinguishing devices and alarm control of electrical connections, but should check the fire alarm control contacts the controller output action situation, such as checking the output voltage value or current value is consistent with the requirements.

    Second, regular inspection.

    Automatic fire alarm system put into operation, inspection and testing should be carried out regularly, to ensure proper system and reliability.

    (A) Daily checks.

    Use of alarm control units should be checked daily and regional alarm controller functions (such as fire function, fault function, reset, mute, etc.) are normal, light is damaged. Check method: a self-test, inspection functions can be pulled through the self-test switch to check the inspection function is normal; no self, inspection function, and can be used to add smoke detectors, heating method to detector alarm, the alarm controller or the region to check the alarm controller functionality. If that is not normal, should be recorded on the registration form and timely manner.
    (B) weekly checks.

    The main and backup power supply automatic switching test.

    (C) Quarterly testing and inspection.

    1. According to specification requirements, with special add smoke, heat tester (no special tools can be used such as electric hair appliances) movement detector test batches is normal, LED display is clear. Found to have failed should be replaced.

    2. Test fire alarms sound, light displays are normal. In actual operation, it can carry out all tests or part of a test, but pay attention to make arrangements before the test to avoid unnecessary panic and confusion.

    3. Test sprinkler system pipe line of fire alarm devices, water flow indicator, pressure switch alarm, signal display is normal.

    4. Backup power to one or two of the charge and discharge tests, one or two main and backup power supply automatic switching test. Test methods are: cut off the main power supply to see if switching to the standby power supply, standby power indicator light, 4 hours, then restore the main power supply to see if automatic conversion, and then check the standby power supply is normal charge.

    5. A linkage system control functions should be automatically or manually check the fire control equipment display. ① smoke control equipment, electric dampers, electric fire doors, fire shutter control equipment, etc.; ② fire hydrant, sprinkler system control equipment, etc.; ③ Halon, carbon dioxide, dry powder, foam and other fixed fire extinguishing system control equipment; ④ fire radio, emergency lighting and lighting the fire evacuation signs.

    6. Mandatory fire elevator stopped on the first floor test.

    7. Fire communications equipment should be a dialogue in the fire control room call test.

    8. Check all switches, such as power switch, switch fire, smoke, fire doors, fire shutter, etc. switch, alarm switch, emergency lighting, switch, etc. are normal.

    9. Forced off the non-fire power function tests. The test also should be prepared in advance to avoid confusion and other accidents.

    (D) the annual test and inspection.

    To annual testing of all installed detectors again, other alarm, alarm, the linkage device function tests should be conducted according to the system running the appropriate test and inspection tests.

    Third, the general common faults and inspection.

    (A) of the main power failure. Check the input power is intact, with or without blown fuse, bad and so on.

    (B) of the standby power supply failure. Check the charging device, the battery is damaged, whether the connection disconnected.

    (C) of the detector circuit failure. Check the circuit wiring to the fire detector is in good condition, fire detectors without being removed, the terminal monitor damage.

    (D) false alarm of fire. Investigation of false positives should be the scene of fire probe whether steam, gas and dust affect the normal work environment, fire detectors exist, and if so, should seek to be excluded. For the frequent false alarms and with no other disturbances affecting the normal work of the fire detectors should be replaced promptly.

    (E) the failure can not be excluded a moment, shall immediately notify the manufacturer, construction or repair professional maintenance units as soon as possible, resume normal work.

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