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Residential Fire Cause Analysis and Countermeasures Probe

    With economic development, land resources, the growing shortage of residential housing is no longer the original single-layer or multi-storey buildings, residential high-rise buildings has become the main choice, combined with high-end residential home decoration, household appliances and household transport tools increases, booster cables gas, gas, natural gas and other tools of modern life more and more people into the family, they continue to provide convenient, but also to the highly civilized society disaster.
    The characteristics of home fires and fire prevention measures for the prevention of home fires and reduce fire losses have practical significance. battery clip I will now analyze and work from all of the following measures:

    First, the residential fire safety hazards of exposure.

    (A) property management as the biggest problem. Mainly in fire safety and property management company is still in development stage, the fire management experience in this area is not rich, there are many problems to be solved:

    1,tow rope the fire management funds are not implemented, resulting in property management and fire management is not implemented.

    Fire safety management requirements relate to maintenance of fire facilities and equipment and routine fire safety management fees, overhead mainly from two sources: First, developers provide a certain proportion of property management and maintenance funds,ratchet tie dowm and second, the property owner or property management company to property management fees charged by the user. But some developers, property management and maintenance funds provided no legal authority oversight aside, all from the owners and users to assume, would have resulted in property management fees are too high, the problem difficult to implement maintenance funds; and property management companies and owners alone contracts, property management funds, the management was not standardized, so that those who pay the misunderstanding, and thus difficult to collect fire management costs.

    2, property management, professional team is not formed, fire management is not standardized.

    Community Management Property Management as an important grass-roots management system, in our late start, the current property management professional team has not yet formed, as a professional fire safety management of highly technical personnel is a serious lack, in the face to set property management modern fire-fighting facilities, property management personnel are often poorly understood.

    3, property management responsibility for fire safety is unknown, the property and the owners contradictions.

    Property management is built on top of the civil contract business conduct, which involves many sectors and a wide range of business management content. Fire safety management of property related to fire management and maintenance of facilities and other tangible property district fire management and other intangible users daily management, and property services companies shall perform the scope of work and tend to define the unknown legal liability, resulting in fire safety management of the property have a lot of conflicts and disputes.

    (B) residential fire safety facilities is lagging behind. With the reform of the housing industry, real estate monopoly on the housing market, combined with the current state of the housing industry, fire management, not to the legal system, the housing is seriously lagging behind public fire protection facilities, residential low self-defense capability. On the one hand, some of the speculative real estate agency business, as the figure profits, reduce costs, without cutting domestic public facilities, resulting in a number of residential fire facilities are not perfect. On the other hand, residents of public fire protection facilities, awareness is not strong, that the public fire protection facilities and not their own interests, forming a building without maintenance of the situation, causing serious damage in many fire-fighting facilities.

    (C) poured into a large number of operational areas inhabited areas. With economic development, diversification of production and operation, the rapid growth of tertiary industry, small cafes, small restaurants, small workshops, small hotels, small shops, small warehouses and other "six small" place more and more, in addition to the existing, mostly residential architecture. Most of these small establishments being set in the 底商 the operator to achieve maximum profits tend to focus only economic benefits, to the neglect of fire safety, illegal use of fire power, irregularities and other illegal operations are widespread, if low-level direct threat of fire upstairs to the life and property....

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