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Into a battery electric car is far from simple engine


    Green electric vehicles to bring the dream of mankind is obvious that free from dependence on fossil fuels, booster cables but does not produce emissions of transport, in theory, be called "the most environmentally friendly" means of transport. This is the man to do more than a century, has not yet achieved the dream.

    In 1839, Scotsman Robert Anderson to his carriage fitted with a battery and electric motor, which gave birth to the first electric car in human history, this Vicar, Mr. Benz invented the first car internal combustion engine vehicles, battery clip and even early for 30 years. However, the internal combustion engine will soon conquer the world, electric cars, it seems only running in place. In the past hundred years time, the troubled commercial ambitions of electric vehicles is still the two key issues - the battery and charging station.

    As early as 1900,tow rope the first electric car already on the road, but until 2009, no other production car manufacturer of electric vehicles will be included in the product catalog. Despite some well-known car manufacturers in recent years has introduced the concept of their own electric cars, electric cars but did not narrow the distance between life and reality.

    The reason is the difficulty of the development of electric vehicles is not only the traditional engine as simple as replacing the motor. On the contrary,ratchet tie dowm the electric vehicle research and development can be regarded as a large and systematic research. Only exist on the car battery battery capacity, storage capacity, stability, and many other issues. In addition, motor vehicle after the engine instead of the traditional design (aerodynamics, the body load distribution), transmission, electrical system will have a disruptive change. This series of problems to solve auto makers have a strong R & D capabilities.

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