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The rise of smart home industry and the development outlook

    Smart home, or smart house to house as a platform, both buildings, network communications, information appliances, equipment, automation, collection system, structure, service and management as one of the efficient,booster cables comfortable, safe, convenient, environmentally friendly living environment.
    Filling and convenient home to a variety of equipment (such as audio and video equipment, lighting systems, battery clip curtain control, climate control, security systems, digital cinema systems, network appliances, etc.) connected together via home network. Compared with ordinary home, smart home features not only the traditional residence provides comfortable and safe, high quality and pleasant family living space; also from the passive static structure into a dynamic intelligent tool that provides a full range of information exchange capabilities to help families to maintain communication with the external flow, optimizing the way people live,tow rope arrange a time to help people effectively, and enhance the security of home life, and even save money for a variety of energy costs.

    Many people understand the concern of the smart home may come from the rich and the foreign intelligence introduction of luxury, the owner of the car just entering the courtyard, the sensor has to transmit the information to the control center, and the room lights, air conditioning, sound is the corresponding a predetermined working condition.ratchet tie dowm Just a little pause at the door, fingerprint monitor, a device such as the pupil has been identified to recognize the identity, the choice should be open to the owner's cell phone or send text messages by strangers visiting ... ... None of this is science fiction scenario, the existing technology has been fully realized. Various household appliances are now becoming more intelligent, in the time before going to work for a rice cooker, the cooked rice before you get back on the air conditioner to time, before you work the room temperature regulation was Relax Yee people ... ...

    Before the fact, people in the smart home smart home is also proposed, the network concept of the family and a series of similar, but as technology advances and people's living quality requirements increase, and now the smart home has begun to integrate the security and alarm, electrical automation and control, network access and other functions, the purpose is to allow users to more secure place in them comfortably.

    Around a common goal, some traditional IT vendors as the core made of computer programs to create intelligent home, it has the advantage of using a computer processing power to complete more complex tasks, but there are various electrical appliances the connection between the standards are not unified, how the computer and refrigerator, air conditioning, which establish contact? Of course we can not use USB port to connect to the habit, but not present in the country to regulate the formation of industry alliances and the development of related standards, introduction of a whole different manufacturers solutions vary, the lack of interchangeability.

    Clipsal by some, such as electrical appliances and other traditional and industrial enterprises attach great importance to the program launched in the realization of electrical automation, home control of sensors and powered mainly by the control center to complete the operation with a more mature and stable quality, but the feeling is not smart, such as the control of a lamp is turned off and most of two ways, and can not be achieved under different natural light schedule to really smart regulation.

    Prospects for Smart Home.

    With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are constantly on the living environment of more demanding, more focus on each member of the family life of comfort, safety and convenience, so the demand from the market perspective, the smart home must be prospects. According to statistics, sales of electrical equipment industry in recent years, 40 - 60 billion yuan, of which nearly 20 billion high-end product sales. From the market point of view, the intelligent network switch as the representative of the market share of new electrical products will be quickly enlarged year by year, and eventually replace the traditional electrical products, pregnant with enormous business opportunities here.

    Currently, the national real estate boom, the district has become a basic requirement for intelligent, matched with smart home, "all smart" concept will inevitably bring new selling point the real estate industry and energy, so "all smart" is pushing the twenty-first century, the subject of real estate developers. The growth of the market environment, is now China's annual percentage of the number of home construction has accounted for 30% of total new housing around, if developed according to the State "By 2010, 60% of large and medium cities in China to realize intelligent home" development of digital home this goal, we believe that China's digital home development and construction of 6% to an average annual rate of increase.

    According to the survey, 1.3 billion people, China now has more than 100 million smart-home family customers, this group is equivalent to half of Europe, constitute a large, fashionable market. In this market, the average cost of 1,000 yuan each year, there are 1,000 billion market. In fact, market research data show that sex is a continual emotional and consumer groups, the annual per capita household spending far more than 1,000 yuan. Therefore, how to stand in a good position in this market, occupy the favorable terrain, related to the ability to grasp a long-term, once and for all business opportunities.

    Smart Home is one manifestation of the pursuit of high quality of life, life is comfortable, simple life, endorsement, its existence is bound to lead to a people living habits.

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