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PTC with the Beijing Institute of Architectural Engineering Teaching Model hand in hand

    May 11, 2010, "PTC College" construction machinery equipment and technology innovation center opening ceremony held at the Beijing Construction Engineering College, PTC PTC University, vice president of the company have PAN following, PTC Senior Director, Asia Pacific Education Gregory Bachman Sisk and other senior PTC .
    Beijing Construction Engineering Technology Department, party office, the Propaganda Department,booster cables Mechanical and Electrical Engineering related to the leadership to attend the opening ceremony; from Kai Sheng will be automatic doors, electric double Jie, Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory, stars and all the workers, and other business representatives to witness the "PTC College" construction machinery equipment and technology innovation center was born. battery clip Opening ceremony from the Beijing Institute of Architectural Engineering Technology CIVIL Director chaired the meeting.
    According to the memorandum of cooperation signed earlier, PTC and the Beijing Construction Engineering jointly established "PTC University", PTC College Institute of Technology built the establishment in the PTC authorized Exam Certification Center ("AAC"), PTC authorized test center by completing the initial training ,tow rope AAC will be able to provide students and the public PTC software products based on knowledge and technology certification exams; set up a joint engineering center for the school to bring opportunities for collaboration with commercial enterprises; to build experimental teaching demonstration centers; jointly build a product development platform.

    Cheng Wen-Tang Beijing Construction Engineering College President's speech to the meeting,ratchet tie dowm he said, Beijing Construction Engineering College is a 70-year-old architectural institutions of higher education, as an application-oriented university, known as the Cooperative attention to the fine tradition and school characteristics, In recent years, the school and the Beijing Construction Engineering Group, Beijing Architecture Design Institute, Zhejiang enterprise groups in the planning, construction management and other areas of the extensive cooperation and exchanges. In personnel training, discipline group construction, research research, teacher training, experiments and teaching bases achieved good results in a total win-win situation, the community has been widely recognized. The cooperation of the various units and schools are the industry's leading enterprises and institutions, with its advanced products with high quality service, international management concept in the industry establish a good image. One, PTC company as the world's leading computer-aided software company, covering R & D to product, from design data management, product life cycles. The world's top ten equipment manufacturing, the top ten of the industry and the top thirty of the electronics companies are PTC customers. It can be said, "PTC College" construction machinery equipment and technology innovation center in the birth of the Beijing Institute of Architectural Engineering company with PTC is a very important significance.

    PTC College, PTC vice president of Pan was introduced following the PTC education cooperation program, and stressed: The establishment of "PTC College," not only to help the Beijing Construction Engineering design tools to enhance the level of the application will also cultivate talents needed , the product development process and project design into Beijing Construction Engineering College. PTC hopes to build the authentication center, in school education, students and business professionals from the employer to build a very good between the bridge, allow enterprises to use the best talent. Meanwhile, the quality assurance certification center, to further the establishment of a Joint Center for school-enterprise cooperation projects, so that PTC College take root in China.

    PTC general manager of Greater China educational system Zhang Xiangyang said: "PTC College" construction machinery equipment and technology innovation center project is divided into three stages, beginning with Pro / ENGINEER-based applications; The second phase will windchill through to product development process, PTC will build a real business experience with the product development process environment, and collaborate on projects and between enterprises; the third stage of best practices through the enterprise, the Beijing Construction Engineering College teaching materials accumulated more wealth.

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