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Oxen passion Straighten the backbone of national machinery manufacturing

    18th century 60's the start of the first industrial revolution, craftsmen were replaced by machine production industry,booster cables from earth-shaking changes have taken place in the world, machines began to support the lifeblood of the entire world economy.battery clip If the first appearance of the machine changed the world, then there Oxen mechanical packaging on the shine of the whole industry and the kitchen food industry.

    Years of struggle,tow rope hard years of business, Oxen from an unknown small business along the way, in the development of Chinese national brand on the road,ratchet tie dowm leaving a string of all the pride of Oxen extraordinary footprint. Oxen is located in the southern city - Guangzhou, plant area of 16,000 square meters, the production of three-dimensional packing machine, cartoning machine, shrink machine, pillow packing machine, vacuum packing machines, dishwashers, rice noodle machine machines sold worldwide over 50 countries and regions, and to advanced technology, perfect service stand out in a number of machinery manufacturing, as Taiwan's leading machinery manufacturers. In recent years, Oxen machinery in domestic and international machinery exhibition in the dominance of large, short supply, caused widespread concern within the industry.

    Oxen machines today are so proud of the achievements, welcomed by the majority of users, which is inseparable with the Oxen of professional quality. Oxen were "quality roots, accumulation of little improvements, strict process control, standardization work." Oxen machine has the most advanced CNC machining centers, laser cutting machine, CNC machine, plasma cutting machine, CNC shearing, folding bending machines and other 40 kinds of advanced processing equipment. In production technology and processes, from raw materials, forging, cold forging, stamping, casting, welding, machining, heat treatment, polishing, plating, oxidation and other surface treatment and assembly is made by Seiko, and rigorous quality control procedures ; in the development, design, production, installation, pre-service process on a set of strict regulations governing the implementation of 5s; all of the electrical configuration are used internationally renowned brands: Mitsubishi, Omron, Yaskawa, smc, Fuji, Germany Siemens, South Korea 3, and air ... ... so as to provide a quality product quality assurance, and has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE safety certification.

    Will be the future of environmental protection, energy-saving technology to use in today's Oxen machine, this is the source Oxen were innovative. Oxen in 2005 set up their own research center, with a high-quality, high performance and experienced research team, which has more than 20 engineers, 8 senior engineers, has applied and win dozens of national patents. Packaging machinery, food machinery, kitchen, two kinds of more than 50 kinds of products developed successfully subvert the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food packaging industry history, which greatly improved the production efficiency, packaging industry has injected new vitality. At the same time also the introduction of German technology, the revolutionary introduction of cleaning, disinfection and drying device integration, energy than similar products in more than 30%. For manual cleaning and disinfection of age without a past, creating a new food and beverage industry, disinfection, thorough solution of the hotel, kitchen, dirty, chaotic, bad illnesses, and the realization of the business by leaps and bounds, "Packaging World, a wash the world "strategic blueprint!

    The spirit of "customers first, credit supreme" and "realistic, pragmatic, and improve efficiency, to participate in market competition" spirit, to provide better after-sales service systems, Oxen has become a country has more than 30 a service network of large high-tech machinery manufacturing industry. The establishment of an effective after-sales service network to strengthen the links with customers, improve the service quality and speed, and opened a service hotline, and the real-name phone, customers in the communication to learn more about the culture, establish Ouke brand, gain market recognition and trust, it is this trust, which makes the Oxen the industry to grow, sun at high noon. Diao Pai, Harbin Pharmaceutical, Tasly, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Amway, Hsu Fu Chi, Tiens, and many famous enterprises have acquired Oxen machinery and equipment, as Oxen national brand laid a solid foundation !

    China's Confucian culture has a long history, profound, as a growing national company in the land of China, Oxen were clearly aware that compliance with national brand of Confucianism is the cast's strong support.
    Ever since "loyalty, filial piety, yin, meaning" will find the best in Oxen footnote. Oxen were always with loyalty and courage of both integrity and sincerity and dedication to customer service, service to the community; with crows feeding of filial piety and righteous spirit of loyalty to return customers back to society; with morale and morality of self-contained the spirit of things, with wave after wave of infection later, driving Oxen rolling forward the great cause! Oxen have never forgotten the responsibility to society, just get a few million to charities. Oxen as a national brand so as to take off, wrote the chapter in China and the United States.
    With wide sea diving, sky high the birds to fly, technology and talent is the Oxen company off the wings, Ouke growing from strength to strength in personnel, Oxen more than 200 employees, Oxen always adhere to the "development will depend on all, Well you and me, "the harmony, continue to provide the best for the employees living environment and development. In 2005, after restructuring, the company quarters of all employees have installed an air conditioner, water heater, color TV ... ... is not the time for leisure activities the organization of staff, regular employees were organized to improve, with special contributions of staff to provide special upgrade platform. The staff feel from the bottom of my heart is not working in Oxen working for the boss, but run their own lives, their careers, their own family! Oxen in "solidarity, we must look for a direction, one heart, one thought must be given." Under the guidance of building a unity of purpose, an invincible team of special machines, Oxen people to follow their own action Sheng Hu, general manager of the firm's pursuit of life - life only do one thing, for others a fortune manufacturing production tools!

    Full of the hope the call, full of passion for the cause, full of the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation's sense of responsibility, to create a nation of Oxen, Oxen centuries, international Ouke. Oxen are beyond the scale of speed, service and create value to the system integration resources to love the way the world moved forward stride in the machine. Years of pioneering spirit, laid the cornerstone for the development of Oxen firm, today face an era of great change, the face of our common opportunities and challenges of the Oxen diversified fleet of Shengshi Qi Hang, let us to infinite passion and create yet another miracle of the century, the common risen up the backbone of national machinery industry!

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