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Beware of immersion into the "sick Sicko" flooded car maintenance to be cored

    "Replacement of spare parts again!" Since the flooding two years ago, Ford S-MAX car owners have to deal with small problems Mr. Chen continued the status quo.
    Year after flooding to the 4S shop car to check, among other places outside the engine did not find any problems, but after replacing the engine re-use, "simply became sick Sicko, is not at fault here is where to strike.booster cables " 4S shop because of back trouble recently, technicians round of consultation did not identify the problem, the answer is to stay shop waiting for review. Related: sales broke out after the rain water is still a blank card static water flooding into the market car problem car was flooded car to conceal vehicle in a higher price: the end of the maintenance volume 2 / 3 can be repaired

    Recently,battery clip heavy rains throughout Guangdong, the parking lot drainage set unreasonable, many owners of the car reduced to a "flood vehicle." Water most likely to cause the vehicle engine, automatic transmission, water and oxidation of short-circuit electronic circuit, where it is subsequently not in time, easy to make your car sequela. tow rope How flooding car maintenance, to prevent the S-MAX similar small, suffered a problem? In this regard, specifically Southern reporter interviewed Fu Han Chang'an Ford shop, shops, Golden Delicious Nissan's sales maintenance professionals,ratchet tie dowm they said, even in the maintenance of the flooding after the car, there are still many parts are difficult to restore the status quo, so the water Baptist car owners have to do is to do more inspection, preventive measures, to extend the service life of some parts.

    Followed by comprehensive testing.

    Not province.

    The car towed to a trusted repair shop, the engine break down cleaning, replacement of various oil products, the replacement of all brake parts, cleaning barrels of gasoline, oil system and check the electronics, computer systems, check and replace the power steering system hydraulic oil, replace all the electrical supplies and interior.

    After vehicle treatment, should be back after driving 300 km of oil and other oil factory inspection to determine the engine, gearbox and differential completely without water; if so, oil, transmission and differential oil becomes milky white should then replace all the oil and the damaged parts. Need to be reminded that the repair is restored to the original up to seven to insure that the future can not guarantee that the problem does not occur completely.

    Water after the repair of vehicles, the key is the maintenance of the vehicle during the repair thoroughness. Should be replaced, such as computer module, wiring harness plugs do water protection after treatment. Some parts do under the circumstances lubrication, dehumidification treatment. The repair of vehicles, it is impossible to replace all the parts, especially the parts were functioning, so that it is difficult to ensure that vehicles do not appear after a period of individual small problems, so immediately after repairs to the 4S shop testing, from the appearance the problem is hard to find, especially hidden faults. Therefore, the recommended period of time, see if there is a problem, then do comprehensive testing.

    "Line" should always check.

    Generally speaking, when the car more than 30 cm long soak in the water level, the car may cause damage to the circuit lines, sewage will bus, the interface wiring harness, computer module, causing serious damage to part of the circuit, the circuit operation by the oxidation module be distorted, to be replaced.

    When blisters over the carpet inside the car position, to be dragged 4S shop for thorough cleansing and drying; such as whole car was flooded, "drowned" or most of blisters, you need a full disassembly in the 4S shops and drying. At the same time, but also a thorough examination of the entire vehicle electrical lines. "Drowned" flooding car, you must replace all electrical appliances, circuit, be possible to eliminate all risks. Maintenance costs as a result of expensive, do not want to replace them all, then also have to replace the main lines, secondary lines often need some short-term protection, decreases the chance of problems. After maintenance every six months or 5,000 km, best to do a line check.


    Need special protection.

    By flooding over the car, like everyone else, weak resistance, in addition to regular maintenance, the need to focus on care in their daily use and maintenance.

    First, attention should be clean vehicles. Keep the car clean, should be cleaned, preferably using a dedicated small alkaline cleaning agent or soap. Do not use scouring powder, detergent and other cleaning products with high alkaline, or finish washing will accelerate aging. Especially in the rain, but also the need for timely clean the car or cleaning, because it is not cleared up, and then by strong sunlight, prone to spots, shiny surface down.

    Followed by polishing regularly. Car running for some time after the surface polishing and waxing should be handled. In waxing, it is best to use wax tools, if not, use a soft cloth instead of, and should avoid direct sunlight waxing.

    Again pay attention to the cleaning of plastic parts. Paint on plastic parts on the cleaning agent to use a good, not too heavy when waxing, anti-penetrate the paint expose the substrate.

    Re-plated metal parts and maintenance of light. Using graphite cleaning agents, do not use hard instruments scraped dirt. Plated light fittings should be regularly waxed to protect the coating from oxidation.

    Finally, anti-rust treatment. Car paint, electroplated parts generally have a good anti-rust, can be spot on for the body, joints and highly scratch the site easy to rust. Over time, rust treatment should be necessary.

    Need to sterilize the interior defense, "stinky."

    Soaked by water vehicles, such as not thoroughly dried to easily mildew, odor will be very unpleasant. Drying, particularly to mind the details of parts such as seat interior, noise level and so on. Therefore, not only to check on the interior cleaning, but also a comprehensive sterilization to prevent breeding of bacteria.

    Warm tips.

    Aging and low-cost "flooded cars" proposal to dispose of.

    It is worth mentioning that, if your car more than five years old in the car, was seriously off the flooding, then the problem will be more later, if funding constraints, we recommend that you better go to used-car market to dispose of or direct scrapped. If your car is worth thousands of dollars flooding the car, then the maintenance costs after flooding may be related to the value of your line to buy a new car, if not the insurance company damages, so maintenance is not worth the price, 4S shop sale maintenance staff does not recommend repairs. (Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Lu Lei Min Chan intern)

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