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Yushu earthquake: Fire tough fight continues

    They had thousands of miles across the emergency relief had sleepless days writing a sense of loyalty to heaven and earth. Now, in every scene reconstruction, resettlement area in all areas, still see them busy.
    In the settlements, they got into the tent, hands-on teaching of the affected people how to use fire extinguishers; at the site, booster cables they carefully check the electrical lines, to ensure the construction does not leave security vulnerabilities. They non-stop, day and night visits, constant vigilance to ensure the reconstruction of fire safety; them out of distress,battery clip where the need arises --- where they are from Yushu in Qinghai Province Public Security Fire Department fire the implementation of relief headquarters, duty tasks officers and men ... ...

    In the settlements, one orange figure in the busy.

    From the first day of post-disaster reconstruction, fire supervisors at all levels prefer to run off the legs,tow rope and never missed a tent investigation, a board room, a resettlement of all affected tents, activities of the board for "carpet" Fire Safety investigation. Every morning, the inspection team who bring "fire inspection, ratchet tie dowm fire control propaganda and Registration Form", promotional materials straight to the management area settlements, they built the instant noodles, mineral water, walk to the settlements to carry out fire safety checks, Everywhere tents, staff will carefully check the inside and outside the tent fire, electricity, gas, coal and so detailed and thorough examination, guide the masses to correct unsafe behavior and rectification of fire hazards, and be patient about fire prevention, fire fighting knowledge, fire escape self knowledge, and the purchase of the 2000 allocation to the affected people after another fire extinguisher settlements, to prevent a small fire catastrophe.

    Yushu Yushu County Fire Brigade also held Zhaxi Ke racetrack largest-ever earthquake drill and fire extinguisher fire fighting allot the ceremony, the detachment of all supervisory personnel on-site fire extinguishers to the people to explain the basic principle and method of work to the Fire point of charge and distributed masses "activities of the board, fireproof tents Eight," "tent, activities of the board of fire safety knowledge", etc. a total of more than 12,000 copies. To effectively enhance the mass use of fire extinguishers fire fighting ability since the beginning, the detachment of officers and men also organized a fire scene with leaders and the masses of the working point of the fire drills, fire fighting to help people grasp the real way early.

    Since the arrival of the first day of the earthquake, fire corps Minister Cui personally led every day since the spring to check the fire safety of the settlements, footprints all over the placement of each disaster area. Given the number of affected people Zhaxi Ke regional resettlement more tents and more tents aircraft fire, the point butter lamps, cooking, fire exits blocked, lack of fire danger in space, specially arranged for him to establish a fire brigade in the area 2 a duty point to prepare for duty 24 hours a day.

    Up to now the Yushu fire command officers were called out to check the 1680 passengers, check the tent (activities of the board) 17 981 (times), discover a fire hazard 643, 586 rectification of fire hazards, post banners, posters, fire bulletin 5445, issued more than 8,000 copies of Fire promotional materials, organization about fire prevention, escape in more than 240 self-help knowledge, education, and more than 28,000 people.

    Real action to disaster services.

    Although the overall rescue is over, but the difficult, dangerous earthquake zone and heavy tasks in a test fire all the time officers.

    At 19:57 on May 10, the front-line fire forces Yushu relief headquarters also received two warning: Yushu County Zhaxi Ke racetrack settlements affected people during the construction of water supply pipe ruptured due to request fire department rescue; Tashi Section shelter settlements affected people due to lack of medical care the hospital water, resulted in the timely treatment of natural disaster victims! Headquarters immediately sent two rescue workers rushed to the scene.

    Rescue officers and men all the way to reach the racetrack scene immediately after the use of metal cutting machine and motor chain saws and other rescue tools to cut the damaged pipe, repair, to ensure the smooth flow of Regional Water Supply racetrack.

    Another Way officers and men on board a tank fire engine rushed to the shelter hospital. Just two hours, fire officers and men to successfully repair the racetrack a resettlement of the affected water supply pipes, and solved the problem of water supply hospital medical Shelter --- 3 million people were affected out of the water problems, the hospital wounded in a timely manner medical treatment.
    May 12 8 pm, Yushu, a vocational school teacher alarm, an earthquake occurs within the school chemistry lab high school store large quantities of flammable agents, strong oxidizing agents and cyanide, mercury, bromine and other toxic chemicals buried pressure, and those of highly dangerous chemicals with toxic or corrosive, easy to cause combustion and explosion. That this situation, immediately assigned to command fire brigade rushed to the Yushu disposal. Arrived at the scene, fire officers and men divided into two groups turn to enter the scene wearing protective equipment, hazardous chemicals, laboratory products of combustion were consolidated, classified, and then repackage the environmental protection departments of the 30 plastic containers, storage and use shop one by one sprinkle quicklime, cement curing methods and convergence of residual chemicals, after nearly 5 hours of handling, cleaning, sewage, hazardous chemical spill on-site disposal is completed ... ...

    Water shortage for the life of the masses after the disaster, severe dust settlements, and poor air quality, Yushu earthquake arrange fire command car for the daily races, ethnic comprehensive school, cultural parks, stadiums and other settlements mass bottled water, sprinkler, the cumulative water to 892 tons for the affected people, sprinkler 1831 tons, the real action to serve the people of disaster areas.

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