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Appreciation of the renminbi is expected to increase exports of electrical equipment companies, "mixed"

    Core Tip: Not long ago, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association released the "first quarter of 2010 economic operation of electrical equipment industry" (hereinafter referred to as "analysis"), booster cables in which issues of concern and measures need to recommend a clear reference in: Power Equipment enterprises "of the RMB appreciation is to be prepared."
    Industry experts said that this is the Association for the appreciation of the renminbi on the proposed early warning power equipment business.

    Worry: the impact of low-technology businesses large.

    Association in the "analysis" is mentioned, the international financial crisis of 2009 and the post-crisis period, because the demand for various products has shrunk dramatically, international trade,battery clip a serious decline. At present, although the developed world is turned up to show signs of recovery, but not yet solid, trade competition between countries and more intense. Enhanced self-care of the situation, to address the national industrial development and employment issues, the world's major economies have taken a variety of trade restrictions and protective measures, tow rope so that recovery of world economy and trade protectionism is a serious obstacle facing major challenges and . Put pressure on China to continuously forced appreciation of the renminbi is the United States and the European Union on one of the main measures taken by China.

    "RMB appreciation expectations have been quite high, probably around 70%." Securities Institute of Great Britain and electric power industry researcher Lu Xiaobing told reporters that "corporate pressure will increase accordingly, particularly in low-tech enterprises. Many of them mainly to the processing,ratchet tie dowm there is no core technology. "

    Meet this situation a few companies in the country, large electrical equipment industry exports products include wire and cable, low voltage electrical appliances, electronic components and static power converters, power tools, small motors, differential motor. Chint Group is one of them. Research staff of the group, said: "With appreciation of the RMB, the enterprise should first be well and communicate with overseas distributors, and reached a consensus to find solutions, research and attention to competing products, of course, control of costs is also very important. "In addition, the association of overseas-related companies should provide more dynamic. The sales staff said.

    The electrical equipment industry exports more products than individual products, the basic technology belong to labor-intensive products with high added value and international competitiveness is not strong appreciation of the RMB a corresponding increase in export prices during almost unlikely. Therefore, the association analysis, electrical industry, RMB appreciation will damage the economic benefits of export enterprises. In addition, the RMB appreciation will also cause difficulties in the export business, business underemployment.

    CCCME Secretary-General of China, said Sun Guangbin remind companies pay attention to the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate is necessary. The depreciation of the dollar and the euro appreciation of the renminbi passive, on the export-oriented power equipment business greatly. As U.S. and European currency depreciation, we have a psychological expectations of RMB appreciation, so the enterprises in the export trade in the process will take this into consideration, can avoid some risks. General business, there will be relevant in terms of provisions, such as the 3% depreciation of the dollar, each party to bear half the loss, the client has admitted the loss of the RMB exchange rate should lead to mutual commitment. At least taken some measures to reduce the losses.

    However, the impact of RMB appreciation seems to be limited to technological added value, production and labor-intensive products business, a number of high-tech enterprises have little effect. "Since we produce comprehensive system of substations, water monitoring, there are some technical content. And the price already has a competitive advantage. I think the RMB appreciation will not have much impact on us, because our price comparison with similar foreign very cheap. "NR protection of Mr. Wang told the" bright "reporter.

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