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On a microprocessor from the local processor innovation strongman

    He graduated from Stanford University, joined in the late 70s just in microprocessors and reveal the first leg of the intel, and intel involved in the development of cutting-edge microprocessors.
    Subsequently,booster cables in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University study involved during the development of RISC architecture, helping to create the MIPS MIPS microprocessor development company and served as vice president, after which he joined the EDA giant Synopsys company, responsible for product definition and as well as IP reuse strategy, worked hard in the industry in nearly 20 years later, in 1997, he finally has his own company, battery clip he tried a new product to change the charge of SoC design, and now he's this new product has been applied to DoCoMo's 4G mobile phones, Samsung's 3D Blu-ray player, the Nintendo game console, ATI graphics card, HP laser printers and other electronic products.

    The legendary leader of the microprocessor company is currently CTOChrisRowen Tensilica, Ph.D., invented configurable processors can be regarded as the most widely used general-purpose processor.

    Now many are in the development of the local IC,tow rope "China chip", but so far we do not have a truly independent structure of general purpose microprocessor, the Godson famous MIPS architecture used in some other so-called Chinese-core processor architecture used in either ARM or is a DSP device, the true interpretation of general-purpose microprocessors from the very simple principle: that an execution instruction memory finite state machine, each instruction specifies a particular way of total state changes and then specify which of the implementation of instructions.ratchet tie dowm Look, general purpose processors that simple principle, but to develop a truly general-purpose processor is very difficult.

    Difficulties? Instruction set definition, the instruction set to support the programmer useful features, while its implementation to be as effective as possible, in addition, the instruction set should also be made after the realization of more complex have the same efficiency. Therefore, even the famous Apple is purchased ARM instruction set, the iPad was developed to support the A4 processor.

    Many people may say, "I have the ability to develop instruction set!" If you really have the ability then it is good, the future of China's microprocessor in your body for sustenance, but the design difficulty lies in the processor instruction set design, but mastered the instruction set design does not mean you can design a processor, processor design also involves timing, registers, pipeline, I / O, development tools, and so a lot of links, nor is it one or two people can handle the things.

    That is not no way to develop their own processor, the answer is "no"! Let us first look at the experience from the development of Dr. ChrisRowen processor to have what kind of key factors and conditions it.

    First, the enthusiasm.

    This is the basis for doing all the work, said Dr. ChrisRowen physics at Harvard University's when innovation is very warm, so the late 70s he joined after graduating from intel company, then Intel is not known today, it is start-up company, developed the 8086 sales is not good, RowenChris after adding intel processor is responsible for the development of cutting-edge, where he learned the processor geometry scaled (geometricalscaling) of the law, prompted him to consider the processor the factors behind the deep, but also prompted him to leave in the early 80s intel into the Stanford University to learn more about the knowledge of electronic devices.

    Second, the opportunity.

    Opportunity allows you to find a shortcut leading to the goal, of course, allows you to take a lot of little detours, but always to those who are prepared, not in the intel work and their own thinking, ChrisRowen not have such a good opportunities, what opportunity? Stanford University, he met a young assistant - JohnHennessy, he was about to lead a group to study architecture, this JohnHennessy, is simply too much bad, and he later became president of Stanford University and is a Fellow of IEEE and ACM, or the United States Fellow of National Academy of Engineering and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Academy. RISC technology because he has made an outstanding contribution was awarded the 2001 Eckert-Mauchly Award, he is also computer engineering in 2001 SeymourCray Prize winner, and another of the book and shared the 2000 JohnvonNeumann DavidA.Patterson Award.

    The following is a photo of this man.

    This followed the cattle are sorry you do not cow them, so naturally, Chris RISC to become a member of the team, what they invented the Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) concept and follows up to today, and now a great reputation ARM processor is also reduced instruction set!

    In this research project, based on the elite group set up a company, called MicroprocessorwithoutInterlockedPipelineStages company, you may not be familiar, but all know the company after the abbreviation, the company is MIPS, but it is cattle company, developed the world's first a 64-bit processor! Led the development of high-end processors, Chris is responsible for logic synthesis in the later promoted to R & D VP, 1992 年, MIPS SGI acquired by European, let Chris come into contact with a lot of strongman in Europe, in Europe, he was involved in supercomputing and the Internet projects.

    Third, persist.

    Is the ideal has always insisted on their own, eventually you will return.

    As a soft spot for the processor, in 1996, Chris once again returned to California from Europe to join the famous Synopsys company, responsible for design reuse, the ideal work from very near the final, where he led IP module for large-scale reuse the definition, so that he realized that the current EDA tools for SoC embedded design defects and deficiencies.

    Traditionally, IC design consists of two parts: the chip design and development environment support.

    After completion of the IC development, application development tools engineers use to define the cache size, bus bit width, FPU unit, DSP engines, algorithms, interrupt the processor into a number of other application-specific products, Chris follow-up work that can be moved to the kernel development, the first definition of these, then these needs into the kernel development, so that directly support the development of kernel-specific application!

    This is actually a people who can develop a vision for different processors! He called this a "configurable processors," he believed that the processor can greatly enhance the efficiency of traditional SoC design! A complete set of configurable processor tool includes a pre-defined processor core and a design tool environment, the design tool environment allows the designer to be the basic processor core substantially modified to meet specific application requirements. A typical configuration in the form of add, delete and update memory, external bus width, bus and public handshake protocol processor peripheral components.

    In 1997, the company bearing his idea was finally born, Tensilica is the company, explained on the company name is simple, 'Silica' means 'silicon', 'Ten' means 'Tensile', can be extended, the two combined, just Tensilica constitute the ideal start-up time - to design a flexible and scalable silicon.

    From birth to the present, Tensilica's products have been developed to the third generation, gradually more responsive to the needs of industry, and its configurable processor has been used in everything from gaming to home entertainment devices and even PC, communications and other fields, now in the embedded field, configurable processor with ARM tensilica has become standard on many high-performance processors, such as a chip to use Cisco's more than 200 Tensilica configurable processor, 4G in Docomo's mobile phone baseband chip also used a lot of Tensilica The configurable processor, configurable processor in today's high-performance chips increasingly overwhelmed finally found useless.

    Nintendo's game console also use Tensilica's configurable processor.

    Samsung, the world's first Blu-ray players to support 3D also uses Tensilica's configurable processor.

    We believe that the experience of the legendary Dr. Chris will give a lot of local IC design engineers to inspire in the pursuit of difference in an increasingly electronic products of today, how do we make our processor different, how to solve the most reasonable framework for performance and power consumption contradictions? Perhaps the experience of Dr. Chris and his products we can find the answer, happily, Chris will be May 26, Dr. came to China, visit Shanghai Pudong Tensilica technical seminars, interaction with Chinese engineers! Welcome to the understanding of the details of the seminar and actively apply, with the microprocessor legend up close!

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