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Wendeng mechanical and electrical tools and other industrial transformation road spacious

    Shandong Peninsula like a bulge in the Bohai Sea of green ribbon, and ribbons on the city is dotted with flashes of pearl, is one of Wendeng one. Advantage of the mountain facing the sea, so that here the endogenous formation of both type and export-oriented economic characteristics.

    Mayor Zhang Jing Wen Teng, last year the city's GDP, fiscal revenue and fixed asset investment grew by 13%,booster cables 9% and 25.2%. "Gordon has been able to in the text of the economic situation of severe and complicated to achieve a breakthrough contrarian, because the implementation of the letter on the central and provincial economic growth, ensuring the people's livelihood, maintaining stability in the decision-making." Party secretary Wang Liang Wen Deng Talking about the international financial crisis, the experience most is: "development of county economy must focus on changing patterns of development,battery clip the transformation of the vitality, strength."

    Accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

    Electrical tools, textile leather, automobiles and auto parts industry is Wendeng three traditional industries. Wendeng Economic and Trade Bureau Zhang model, over the past year, each industry has the new changes and new developments.tow rope Thanks to the right of national policy lead, thanks to the enterprise's own restructuring and upgrading.

    Textile industry in expanding domestic demand, policy guidance, access to the new development. Wendeng established the first textile industry in Shandong Public Service Center, Jiangbei carried out 6 provinces and 30 cities textile textile exhibition countryside activities to help enterprises to increase domestic orders 3.6 billion,ratchet tie dowm 156 million in export orders. Shandong Yida Group is a company engaged in textile exports for many years, they increase the domestic market development efforts, set up 400 stores, also proposed the establishment of county-level city in the country's goal of 1,000 stores. Yun Xiang Embroidery Co., the traditional culture into product design, textile art to find a new direction.

    Motor vehicles and parts production in the "car to the countryside" policy role, and made new achievements. Tianrun Wendeng Crankshaft Co., Ltd. is a pillar industry, automobile parts business. Last year, they passed reform, as new issues after the restart the first listed enterprise in Shandong Province, received new impetus to the development of enterprises, the core of the new high-end customers on the design for heavy truck, light truck crankshaft production line. Dongan Panthers Corporation to produce light truck vehicle-based, benefit from the national "car to the countryside" policy, they increase the production of marketable research and development models, sales of 3 万辆 from 2008 to 2009 exceeded 60 000 .

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