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B & R: ARPOL DCS system control of natural gas storage unit


    A process operator to rely on a single manufacturer's control system has gradually become obsolete. East Germany's natural gas supplier for the VNG, the choice of new system, taking into account the future system portability, flexibility is a decisive factor.
    Linux-based process control system can significantly reduce costs, particularly in engineering design. booster cables A total of 14 sets of APROL system has been run successfully in the field.

    These units are man-made underground storage cavern, rich in rock salt mining, a few hundred meters from the ground. Natural gas compressor pressure, through pressure perfusion into the hole. This way is better than large-capacity storage containers to store the ground,battery clip it has a higher release rate, takes up minimal space.

    Factory automation and process control systems to modernize gradually.

    This comprehensive modernization project for over a decade of VNG used to conduct a comprehensive transformation of the ground operation and modernization. High degree of automation to ensure the safety of storage facilities and efficient operation. tow rope Process control in this play a decisive role. "Our goal is to ensure that all operating costs by reducing the competitiveness of natural gas service," director of automation and electrical engineering Dr.J? RgHartan said.ratchet tie dowm Cost-effectiveness, reliability and scalability - these qualities are necessary for the process control system with performance. And automation of the city of Leipzig alone, experts do not want to have the technology - they want to design a set of compatible programmable controllers from different vendors and flexible system. Indeed, they also want to upgrade the system can be widely set to automatically operating smaller systems, but also operational with 20,000 such as I / O points of large systems.

    At that time, they decided to use B & R APROL Unix-based control system. "The determining factor is the flexibility of taking into account the control hardware," Hartan said. While the price is also an important aspect. There is also a factor is the integration of SCADA functions include their own databases, the same standards as the data through a database write process. 1997, all the VNG bases equipped with a new control system. Hartan explained, "Since the reorganization, we have been using to manage the technology." In the selection system, a key factor is the use of standard components. Whatever the case, try to avoid using non-standard hardware.

    The modernization project is the latest in Postdam Buchholz near the underground storage unit. Here, APROL coordination control layer and a server running, engineering design and operation. The system also includes a project designed operator station and five stations. Layer in the process to run four controllers and ten detection controller (B & R2005 system). Process bus using Profibus, Ethernet or other base station redundant H1 bus.

    APROL upgrade strategy.

    APROLE to enter the market has been 10 years, will be canceled and replaced by a new APROLR32. "Cancellation means that the version will no longer be sold, but the service is still guaranteed. We previously sold the industrial PC is still guaranteed at least ten years of service, because these products are still used in the field of automation, whether or not replacement of the chip must maintain the compatibility, "B & R Process Control Sales Manager StefanLau emphasized. Therefore, VNG to develop a scalable strategy, "in order to complete the duties of a supplier, we must develop a directional plan can be upgraded without interrupting operations," JoergHartan explained. In addition, the headquarters must be able to Leipzig from a base station on the geographical distribution of monitoring network and a number of remote maintenance, which are mostly unmanned. "So the concept of the database and control system through the WAN network distribution will become very important," Hartan one of the requirements definition upgrade says.
    Cost is always a limiting factor. Hartan pointed out that "for the control system project, a major cost factor is the engineering design - software programming." These factors are in terms of APROLR32 for next-generation system. The same as the previous generation system, the Linux-based control system uses the default vendor block. All systems use the same layer in the center of the engineering design tool set. Engineering design of the license agreement contains the standard library tested, so the user can be adapted to meet their own specific needs.

    "Open source library" to improve the efficiency of engineering design.

    Here, the manufacturer also maintains the concept of open source operating system, as system integrators and control system supplier for the special needs of our customers customized products are often very expensive. The basic module using APROLR32 create the user can modify the special function library. "With the feedback from the actual operation of stations to create new features help us to continuously optimize the system," VNG automation expert MichaelaVoigt this review.

    With Penguinmascot Another feature of the operating system with the Internet technologies such as: TCP / IP for seamless integration. "Linux has a very sophisticated routing technology," Lau explained that he would favor it as a distributed network elements. Lau said: "Linux-based control system, we will provide complete life cycle of the machine maintenance, such as years of upgrade assurance." "Network so that we have with the same 100% of the Leipzig online data, without any additional work design costs, "Voigt explained Road. Control system provides integrated Web services to display data in Windows system, or just browse. Central data storage architecture and maintenance costs reduced. Access protection with tracking feature also applies to the pharmaceutical industry under strict controls, provided the necessary security.

    Buchholz underground storage units that require high performance practical.

    Buchholz underground storage units, an important component of the supply of Berlin, where practicality becomes very important. Servers, bus and redundant controllers therefore designed to ensure the efficient availability. To meet the stringent security requirements, a separate system of automatic control systems to prevent failures in parallel installation, the system has come from Hima safety PLC. Therefore, no night or weekend, officers in the field, the establishment of automated structural support remote operation. Central requirement is that the database concepts, processes the data to be passed separately from the current system.

    Intuitive recognition process control by operators.

    With a password, card readers and biometric access control systems to ensure access security tip. Tracking system records all the important process control operations, including registration, alarm lock, the operator's manual operation and the display changes. "When using a distributed networking, these capabilities will become increasingly important," Hartan explained. Finally, Buchholz automation project attributed the success of its recognition of its operator. Hartan stressed that "do not understand the knowledge automation system operators can manage the whole process."

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