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Sumitomo listed hardened steel cutting materials with uncoated CBN

      Sumitomo Electric Industries, recently listed for general machining of hardened steel cBN new material "SUMIBORON BN2000".
    This is a hardness second only to diamond and cBN powder with adhesive material sintered at high temperature under high pressure freezing of cBN sintered body,booster cables can be used for cutting tool materials for high speed machining automobile parts used in hardened steel and cast iron and so difficult to cut ferrous metals. battery clip New products are not cheap ceramic membrane coating type.

The new product can be used for high-speed continuous process, intermittent processing and high-precision processing and other processing of the main materials. Feature is to improve the purity of the ceramic bonding material,tow rope thereby greatly improving the heat resistance. So, can inhibit the processing of high fever due to a result of material degradation, and reduce the friction due to head and head around the defect occurred in the head. Its life extended over the company's original product by 30 to 100%.

And,ratchet tie dowm the product line than the company had products for the enrichment. Model with emphasis on sharpness "LT" and the head enhanced model "HS" and other varieties. And added noise R heads different product categories, a total of 88 species, about 1.5 times the original. Further expansion of product range, so as to reach 259 classes.

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