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Cause of the fire vehicle classification and scene investigation, evidence collection

    In recent years, as China's rapid economic development and rising living standards, the incidence of car fires also been increased.
    Compared to vehicle fires and building fires, although the range is generally damaged less severely, to find traces of physical evidence, collection is difficult, the parties are basically difficult to accurately provide the fire site, can not accurately identify the cause of the fire caused. Therefore, the right experience and approach a certain amount of fire investigators is necessary.

    First, booster cables the general cause of the fire Category:

    1, as fires caused by impact with the rapid development of China's economic construction, local government to speed up road construction, have advocated the construction of expressways, and highways as fast, battery clip convenient features, generally will choose the driver to go fast. These are an extension of the growing number of vehicle accidents, and sometimes directly hit the car engine or Supplying Oil Pipe board electrical circuit caused by burning fire. After the collision, auto oil official website rupture caused by fuel leaks or loose can cause a fire or make the line due to damage caused by a variety of devices and even electric ignition.

    2, electrical line fault caused by electrical equipment, fire one car fire usually occurs in the battery, ignition coil,tow rope motor, insurance, generator regulators, air conditioners and other parts; Second, illegal operations, such as the motor launch for a long time, it will fire the engine heat; third line junction is not strong, local resistance is too large production of heat, ratchet tie dowm heat the conductor contacts the fire; Fourth, do not follow the random access without permission, Luanla wires causing a short circuit.

    3, the truck caught fire due to some cars do not follow the loading of goods, overload is the main one, the vulnerable bumps, heat, fire reaction and loading goods entrainment fire, the case of Mars, falling in the compartment on the outside, but also the fire truck main reasons.

    4 According to the survey of fire caused by smoking, cigarette surface temperature is generally 300-400 ℃, the core temperature of up to 700-800 ℃. In their daily work, life, some owners or passengers in the driving or riding in vehicles, it is easy craving, sometimes unwittingly, easy to throw cigarette butts in the car, once spread, may cause a fire.

    5, arson of such a fire, usually in retaliation for another person or insurance claim. After 公安 department of investigation, such Huozai currently exist in society a certain percentage of the reason is basically due to the economic, emotional, etc. causes.

    Second, fire investigation, survey and pay attention to before:

    1, severely burned cars must learn to master the basic car, including: engine parts, electrical parts, body parts, chassis parts and the whole supply system, if you do not know or are not familiar with the car, it is best to find a comparison with the type of car.

    2, seriously ready to make investigations. Investigations must be carried out from all directions, from the fire to investigate all the possible exclusion, narrowing the scope of investigation, including: fire possible, impact, electrical, oil, open flames (including welding), etc. one by one to investigate.

    3, are not familiar with the principle of auto auto repair technology may be invited to a good master or specialized repair personnel assist in the investigation of such vehicles, fire investigators can avoid detours. Fire investigators because after all, not automotive professionals, it is impossible for all cars are all familiar with the structure and performance.

    4, do not easily flip before the survey, the range of fire and burning cars are relatively small, due to ease of investigation, little attention will be destruction of evidence. To observe the situation to be burned.

    5, the investigation must be combined with the investigation. Vehicle fires better than fire, building fire combustion products than the simple car fire combustion products more complex and devastating intensity.

    6, seize exercise (AP) Q methodology and content. News (consultation) asked to be attention to detail, and extensive examination can be taken repeatedly asked, try to understand all of the fire through, such as cars and out of personnel, the most recent repair and so on. Police surveillance from the point of view, there are concerns in order to prevent a witness, and sometimes the investigation may be a casual understanding.

    Third, the scene investigation and evidence collection:

    1, is not very serious car burned, the fire investigation officers should be carefully observed and studied traces of combustion products and smoke level. If the cab or compartment, should focus on the identification of doors windows is caused by mechanical damage to burst, or the fire caused by the burst. Observation windows burst shape, smoke level, location to break the glass floor fire types and fire characteristics. Fires caused by smoking or open flame, fire points and more in the cab or trunk of the fuel, due to the characteristics of a smoldering, often resulting in serious indoor side of the window Shaorong smoke. Severe burns after the fire part of it is the roof.

    2, if a car fire caused by electrical equipment, we must find a short-circuit point or point of failure. Battery power and instrumentation lines and air lines could easily lead to short circuit or bad contact, often leads to friction parts are also prone to failure of the place.

    3, as a result of motor vehicle fuel supply system leak caused a fire, to fully find and extract the broken supply system, lashing over the tubing, the arrangement may refer to similar circuit to compare the car to provide us with visual impression.

    4, the engine oil supply system is working properly, or repair provided by the driver whether the car run, run, drip, drain phenomenon and location, and some trucks on the tubing is connected from the old pipeline, if not tied to access it is easy to spill.

    5, a fire caused by welding generally garages. Car repair project in the investigation of the site without welding, key survey the scene and supporting tools, welding position, whether the destruction of the fire scene, welding machine positioned for abnormal phenomena, such as usually is on the repair shop, fire After suddenly disappeared. Find the site after the welding welding to compare Condition (such as car seat is welded), the situation in parts of the burning, try to find the welding slag (by magnet) should pay attention to see whether the car repair and maintenance carried out, with or without Hot Work.

    6, the fire point of inconvenience to find the car, can be informed by asking the driver or other personnel (such as passengers) anomalies before the fire to determine the fire location and fire points.

    7, due to the impact the chassis caused by the hanging to see the road conditions, one oil pipeline in many car parts in the car chassis, due to protruding rocks and other road scraped the chassis fault with oil fire. The second is caused by rough road car tubing, line loose (just like some drivers say: the right path usually no problem, this is a bad way to go today (the road is not flat on the problem of the) fire.

    Of course, in today's rapid economic development, car fire, cause of the fire in various forms, reason has its causal. Therefore, we investigated the investigation officer as long as timely, comprehensive, detailed, fine knock, under normal circumstances, cars are able to identify the cause of the fire.

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