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maybe I can enlighten them as to what constitutes a pothole

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IRELAND’S roads are going to pot, as Conall O Fátharta writes in the Irish Examiner...
“Despite having paid out over €1.2million due to pothole damage since 2005, it seems Irish local authorities have no specific definition as to what actually constitutes a pothole. “Despite handling almost 9,000 claims in the same period, only 13 of the 30 local authorities surveyed have a specific definition of what a pothole is.”
      Well, maybe I can enlighten them as to what constitutes a pothole.
      To cut a long story shortish, a few years ago — around 2007 — a friend of mine, Kevin McCabe, was visiting family in Dundalk.
You may remember Kevin — he used to play in a band called Crannog.
Anyway, although it was a fine soft evening absolutely bucketing tow rope down, I agreed to meet up with Kevin in town.
But just down the road in Glenmore I hit about a foot of water lying in a hollow. The car ground to a halt on a lonely road on the Cooley Peninsula. I tried to start it — it’s a little Datsun — but no luck. So I phoned a neighbour who immediately came out and offered to tow me home.
I said I’d try to bump start the car as he was towing. Little did I know — nor my equally culpable neighbour — that doing that to a car with an engine full of water would break the con rods and spill the engine’s cogs out all over the place.
On and on I tried to get the Datsun going as John towed me up the road, little realising that this particular engine would never internally combust again no matter how many times I tried to start it, no matter how grievous a jolt it received.
A bump from a nuclear reactor would not have fired it into life. This engine had passed on. It had expired and gone to meet its maker. It was an exengine.
The water had totally destroyed the engine. But the night’s tragedies were still not fully enacted. Because the engine had not turned over, I consequently managed to burn the clutch out in trying to spark it into life.
       Further, when I had knelt in the flood water to attach the tow rope, in the dark I had inadvertently affixed it to the bonnet catch. On the first strain of the tow rope tightening, the closing mechanism was totally destroyed.
It cost me €1,500 to get everything fixed. The garage mechanic called me something which can’t be reproduced in a family newspaper such as this, but let’s just say it’s an accusation which can’t be tossed off lightly.
Inside the building are new displays of historical objects and a set of computers for the public to use.
Mersea Island museum also has a tow rope, one of the BBC's 'A History of the World' artefacts.
       Joanne Godfrey, from the museum told BBC Essex: "We got money from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Hervey Benham Trust."
"The public were able to donate to the project through our 'buy a brick' campaign in the porch area," said Joanne.
The tow rope on display in the Mersea Island museum was used to pull Endeavour I back across the Atlantic during 1937. he yacht had been helping with preparations for the America's Cup of that year.
It was decided not to use Endeavour I for the competition and to tow it back to the UK. Sir Thomas Sopwith owned Endeavour I and the yacht broke free and went missing.Brian Jay, a local historian has helped to collect together the large number of newspaper cuttings around the tow rope as the drama generated plenty of headlines.
       She added he never really talked about his exploits on the ocean to her, but she does recall him speaking about the various yachts he sailed over the years.
Jersey's Elizabeth Castle Ferry found itself in a bit of a tangle on Sunday morning after its own tow rope became wrapped around its propeller leaving it stranded.
      The incident started when one of the amphibious vehicles suffered a mechanical problem just off the end of the slipway from Elizabeth Castle at high water. The second ferry then went to the aid of the first but the tow line became wrapped around the propeller of the second ferry and fouled it, leaving both vessels drifting towards the rocks west of the castle.
The inshore lifeboat and habour tug boat were launched to rescue the stricken amphibious vehicles and safely towed them back to shore.
Luckily both ferries were not carrying any passengers at the time.
Jersey Harbours have said they will be conducting a full investigation.

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