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"Two sessions" have a low carbon environment guiding the hardware industry

     If you ask this year's "two sessions" were mentioned most of the hot words,booster cables "low-carbon green" is definitely one of them.

    Remarkable "two sessions" have been successfully concluded. The afternoon of March 3, CPPCC Chairman Jia Qinglin of the CPPCC Standing Committee on the Third Session of the Eleventh Report,battery clip also referred to in the future to "promote energy conservation, the development of recycling economy,tow rope low carbon economy, climate change." CPPCC National Committee will also be "low-carbon economy" as the meeting of the "One Proposal." Visible, low-carbon environment has been more than just a concept, but rather to a real implementation in the daily production and life together.

    Carbon present in the various fields of environmental protection have become a hot issue,ratchet tie dowm in which national research to develop a "low-carbon economy on the development of guidance," is expected to be issued after the end of the two. The "opinions" may include carrying out pilot demonstration low carbon economy, carbon emissions intensity of the pilot assessment system to control greenhouse gas emissions to explore the institutional mechanisms, and in a specific area or industry to carry out exploration of carbon emissions trading and so on.

    In the "low-carbon economy" has become the inevitable trend of the industry's case, as in the traditional energy-intensive light industry and high pollution industry, metal industry are positive corresponding "low carbon" call.
    "Hardware industry has been a resource consumption model of the industry. First, the hardware product's raw materials are all kinds of metal. The metal in the smelting process has already consumed a lot of resources, the environment and causing injury. Secondly, in the hardware products production process and it will consume a large amount of energy, and even cause some pollution. This is the decision in the hardware industry, low carbon environmental policies will be upgraded to a very important level. "China International Hardware Show (CIHS'10) panellist Council experts said, "is expected to be on the low-carbon energy state immediately relevant mandatory introduction. To continue to the survival and development, hardware industry must be able to adapt to these new regulations, take the initiative to the historical process of carbon to the environment . in the process left behind the enterprise, will soon be eliminated by history. "

    The world's second-largest hardware show - China International Hardware Show (CIHS) has organized a tenth, is the hardware industry's top event. Over the years, the China International Hardware Show (CIHS) has been in the hardware industry in the spirit of promoting environmental protection and actively guide the hardware business to adapt to new trends in low-carbon environment, and strive to grasp the direction of domestic and foreign markets. This time, the '10 China International Hardware Show (CIHS'10) Organizing Committee, the experts are on the field of low-carbon economy this year, new policies, new trends in research, exhibition of hardware and hardware will provide consulting business and guidance.
    China: From the "encourage" low-carbon to the "must" low-carbon.

    The emergence of low-carbon concept has some years, but really gets worldwide attention and development, or from 09 the beginning of the end of Copenhagen. In China, low-carbon environment has gradually been unprecedented attention and development. Low-carbon industry is a strategic industry for China's future development. China's imminent entry by setting the threshold of a certain industry, improve the national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards for grades, and constantly promote the industrial upgrading and technological progress. This marks that China's environmental protection policy will "encourage" low-carbon to become a "must" low-carbon.

    "The standards, once implemented, will produce the hardware industry 'shuffle' around. Because of the hardware industry in China has been relatively low threshold are the industry sector, most of the hardware companies are doing to rely on cheap labor in the export processing or OEM business, enforcement of low-carbon standard will quickly fall out of production after, that time must have some foundation is not thick enough, strong research capacity of small hardware company not be blocked outside the industry as' backward production capacity 'encounter' is out 'tragic fate. "China International Hardware Show (CIHS'10) Organizing Committee of the experts said," Of course, restrictions on access conditions in low-carbon, there is strength and foundation to meet the standard requirements of the national low-carbon Hardware companies will be policy support, integration of various resources, the development of better in the future. "

    Hardware enterprises are to survive this difficult period, we must immediately begin product technology, innovation, efforts to train and absorb the development of low-carbon economy, intellectual and technical resources to ensure that they can have a standard process to meet low carbon technologies and products.

    "All the new products, new technology comes from talent, so we have the hardware business Shouxian Yao attract talent, build a capacity to innovate products research team. So to achieve low-carbon 产品 Caineng a homemade, self-Sheng Chan, own sales market in the future be invincible. "China International Hardware Show (CIHS'10) Organizing Committee of the experts said. "Last year's China International Hardware Show (CIHS'09), we will open up for the majority of exhibitors, a 'new display area', as the hardware companies to provide a low-carbon innovation and product display platform independent. This year's China International Hardware Show (CIHS'10) will not only continue to open up the 'new display area', will bring more variety and use of hardware products according to an independent district, including fasteners, power tools and small machines, abrasive grinding, landscape gardening and DIY and other outdoor products and zone. This year we will set up building security hardware and locks the two thematic exhibitions for the general hardware business a more professional show and trading platform. "

    International: environmental access standard further.

    For a long time, Europe's environmental quality standards are higher than those in low-carbon economy, Europe and the United States also walk in front of our country. Because most of our hardware business, or OEM export processing trade is the main export is very large, so the strict environmental standards have to limit our hardware products to Europe and the United States market, "stumbling block" one.

    For a long time, the European Union are implemented, "electrical, electronic equipment limit the use of certain hazardous substances," such as environmental policy, restrictions on all electrical and electronic products in the lead, heavy metals, but also limits some of our low-end hardware products into the EU market. In order to smooth the European market, China's many hardware companies have tackled this standard, get a passport to the EU market.

    October 26, 2009, the EU Council of Ministers adopted new regulations, an amendment to include textiles, footwear and electrical appliances in the Green Mark Scheme (Ecolabellingscheme), and aggressive expansion of the scope, objective is to cover as many as 40 in 2015 to 50 product categories, and to ensure that the EU was awarded the Green Mark for more products in the stores for sale. This includes a portion of metal tools or hardware products, as well as to hardware products for the accessories.

    Other amendments to EU standards also include the Green Mark scheme and other actions for sustainable production and consumption link such as the Green Mark award criteria into the green design elements (set out on environmental design Directive No. 2005/32/EC) in in, and / or criteria as guidelines for the formulation of future standards, forcing companies to meet the Green Mark standard.

    The face of low-carbon global trend of environmental protection, the European Union would continue to improve on some imports of low-carbon environment related indicators Deng requirements more stringent environmental standards introduced Ye Zhi Shi Wen Ti of time.

    "Most of our hardware companies to make export-oriented, while the EU and the U.S. are major markets. As the world's most economically developed regions, the environmental standards of European and American markets have been rising. By contrast, China Hardware companies are not very great importance in this regard, often introducing a new standard for Europe and the United States and the impact on herself, go about this standard, all means to meet the requirements of the standard, results are often as their own technological innovation ability, and lags behind its competitors in the market in a very passive position. "CIHS'10 committee of experts said.

    "To understand Europe and the United States one step ahead of the market access standards related to environmental protection, we need as many of our enterprises to seize the opportunity to contact with foreign investors, especially professional people, and to actively learn from Europe and the United States environmental protection standards in order to make early preparations. More participation oriented Zhanhui was a necessary choice. "CIHS'10 committee of experts concluded that," China International Hardware Show (CIHS) is the world's second-largest hardware show, Yongyoushinian to do show experience. Last year, the China International Hardware Show (CIHS'09) received a total of nearly 4 million visitors, more than 3,000 overseas professional buyers, including European and American buyers accounted for 38.3%. This year's China International Hardware Show (CIHS'10) also will be held Sept. 28 at Shanghai New International Convention and Exhibition Center, while the number of buyers will once again based on last year made a big breakthrough. Meanwhile, in the exhibition will be held in the professional buyers for Europe and the United States and on Europe and the United States Environmental Protection Sourcing Fair access to standard Symposium. These are for my hardware business understanding, learning European low carbon standards for environmental policies and access to the best opportunities. "

    About CIHS.

    China International Hardware Show ( by China National Hardware Association, Cologne, Germany, International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the National Federation of Hardware & Electrical Association, China International Trade Promotion Committee jointly organized branch of light industry. Show the scale of the world's No. 2, Asia 1, with 10-year-old, 2000 exhibitors, 5,000 booths, 110,000 square meters exhibition area, 4,000 top-level stability of hundreds of thousands of members of the international buyers and buyer resources. International Hardware Show has become the preferred professional procurement platform for buyers, domestic and foreign trade of China Metal Products "main channel", and China issued new hardware platform with the authority to promote. '10 China International Hardware Show will be held September 28, 2010 to 30 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, will hold the same period in '10 China Cabinets, Kitchen & Bath Products & Technology Expo '10 China International Hardware Show and Building '10 China International locks, security products development.

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