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NI and Tianjin Germany to build a "virtual instrument technology center"

    Recently, NI and Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technology Institute to build a "Tianjin, China and Germany - the United States Center for NI virtual instrumentation," Germany in Tianjin Vocational and Technical College held a grand signing ceremony.
    This is the NI with the domestic institutions of higher learning in the many years of joint training of personnel after the virtual instrument technology,booster cables and higher vocational education institutions to conduct another important cooperation.

    The two sides signed the "Tianjin China and Germany - the United States Centre for NI virtual instrumentation,battery clip " cooperation agreement.

    Marketing Manager NI institutions Xu Yun and president of Tianjin Sino-German Vocational and Technical College David Lee as the two sides signed the "Tianjin, China and Germany - the United States Centre for NI virtual instrumentation," cooperation agreement signing ceremony was also attended with NI Regional Sales Manager Li Jun, NI Systems Alliance Global China Business Bureau regional manager in Huowen Xiong.tow rope German Technology Tianjin Party Secretary Chen Jinqi, vice president of the Lvjing Quan, Rick Zang, and dean of the School of Electrical Engineering, Ji, who also attended the signing ceremony, and NI on behalf of the arrival of a warm welcome.

    The NI and Tianjin Sino-German Vocational Technology College will be of concern for vocational education to carry out comprehensive cooperation in various fields, including basic education, industrial training and professional training will be undertaken new construction projects, completed the center will be soft hardware complete, advanced equipment, comprehensive coverage of basic practice teaching model to the application of virtual instrument technology center to support the German Institute of Creative Talent. Meanwhile,ratchet tie dowm both sides will continue to center on the basis of further planning in the wind power, environmental monitoring and other long-term monitoring frontier for further cooperation.

    "Virtual Instrument Technology Center," is expected to fall this year in Tianjin Vocational Technical College as Germany completed, the school district located in the "demonstration area of vocational education reform in China," said the Tianjin Haihe educational park.

    The build of the "virtual instrument technology center" is the NI and the higher vocational education in China have the largest schools in one of cooperation, NI is expanding "school-enterprise cooperation and build talent," an important step on, NI will continue to work closely with institutions of higher learning, and strong support for higher vocational education schools, including the virtual instrument technology, including the training of personnel.

    NI college program.

    National Instruments (NI) is committed to providing students and teachers around the world through the powerful and efficient graphical system design platform, intuitive teaching tools, and modular hardware will be teaching together with practical and effective, and continuously improve the education of science and engineering around the world level. Through powerful tools such as NILabVIEW graphical development platform and NIMultisim, can help students to learn from theory to implementation. From primary schools to introduce LEGOMINDSTORMS? NXT to the university to build research labs, LabVIEW graphical development platform, comprehensive application in the classroom to create a lively and effective learning environment. At the same time, NI Academic Site License is also available for educators, researchers and students to purchase NI products provide preferential price.

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