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Time series of reports of Chinese high-speed railway - the track to the world

    May Day Golden Week yet to come, Beijing Chen Jiaqi Li on the plan to bring a girlfriend, and go and travel.

    Unlike in the past, he would like to enjoy this special trip to a high-speed rail. "As long as half an hour from Beijing to Tianjin, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, from just two hours from Wuhan to Guangzhou as long as 4 hours,booster cables eliminating the need for travel by air a lot of trouble, such a journey time of just how tempting ah." Smaller Lee said.

    Li Gengrang full of longing, is the future with the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, the opening of Beijing-Hong Kong high-speed rail, from Beijing to Shanghai will be shortened to 5 hours, from Beijing to Hong Kong also only need 8 hours.

    Perhaps,battery clip as Alan said, then, riding on the wings of high-speed rail, maybe 3 days to travel half of China.

    Indeed,tow rope according to plans announced by the Ministry of Railways, 2012, China will build "four vertical and four horizontal" high-speed rail network, with a total mileage of 13,000 km, more than the sum of the world's high-speed railway. ratchet tie dowm The world's largest high-speed rail network, will most economically developed Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai Rim, and other urban built-up areas are closely linked.

    "Four vertical", referring to the 1,300 km Beijing-Shanghai, 4 hours; from Beijing to Guangzhou, 2260 km, 7 hours; 1,700 kilometers from Beijing to Harbin, 5 hours; 1,700 kilometers from Hangzhou to Shenzhen, 5 hours. "Four horizontal," refers to Xuzhou-Lanzhou 1,400 km, 5 hours; Shanghai to Kunming 2,000 km, 7 hours; 800 kilometers from Qingdao to Taiyuan, 3 hours; Nanjing to Chengdu, 1,900 km, 6 hours.

    With this 8 latitude and longitude lines, throughout the vast land of high-speed rail network will be linked together to form a one of the "N-hour economic circle."

    Beijing, Tianjin and "1 hour economic circle", Cheng-Yu "1 hour economic circle", Wuhan, China, "4-hour economic circle" in the central city of Changsha as Tan "1 hour economic circle" in the central city, Shanghai, Nanjing "1 hour economic circle" ... ...

    If the scope of the regional rate is also limited to a partial, then the era of high-speed railway in China, "High Speed Rail", the enormous influence is not limited to rail, but has affected the whole of China, the whole world.

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