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Smart Grid standards will be introduced cutting edge of technology power equipment manufacturers landing

    Electrical equipment manufacturers compete to seize the cutting edge of technology.

    Standard system for smart grid and smart grid planning the release, in contrast, power grid enterprises amount of investment the new year will also be released. More than six months, quietly preparing for smart grid power equipment manufacturers entering breath waiting for a time period.

    Within a domestic leading equipment manufacturers in the acceptance of the China Securities newspaper interview,booster cables said the national grid power grid in 2010 will be 2700 billion yuan investment, the construction of the future intelligent power grid is expected to reach a total investment of more than 4,000 billion yuan, may also there will be additional,battery clip but whether the "cake" to do much, to be parched equipment manufacturers, or specific construction plan and intelligent network standards such real thing.

    Affected by this news, shares of domestic equipment manufacturers positive response. From 2010 December 21 to December 28, all A shares rose 3.53%, tow rope machinery and equipment rose to 5.38%, of which electrical equipment sector rose 4.88%.

    Planning and standards development at the end of speed.

    State Grid Corporation of India deputy general manager of Shu Biao said that National Grid is committed to the development of the intelligent network standards specific construction plan and the development work has been near the end, for publication early next year.

    China Electricratchet tie dowm Power Research Institute, said experts on smart grid technology research and standards development are on schedule and is currently on the standard system summary of the research results reported to the national grid. There are signs that the national grid for the smart grid-related planning, development of standard documents are being accelerated.

    Deputy Chief Engineer of China Hu Xuehao Electric Power Research Institute said the construction of smart grid planning specific ideas as follows: in 2020 in three phases, the first phase 2009-2010 is to study and pilot; the second stage is 2011-2015, the smart grid will be a large-scale implementation; The third stage is 2016-2020, to achieve overall improvement and upgrade. He also disclosed that the State Grid Corporation of China is stepping up efforts to develop standards for smart grid technology, including nearly 200.

    Analysts expect the national grid smart grid devices are being developed standards of domestic equipment manufacturers will have a significant impact on market structure.

    National Grid Energy Research Institute, said Zhang Yibin director of the Institute of smart grid, smart grid once the introduction of uniform standards for domestic equipment manufacturers is good news, because the smart grid equipment in the field as soon as rules of the game and will have their investment of direction and a strong driving force, is conducive to equipment manufacturers identify the product positioning, making production planning.

    Currently, the state's power grid has three equipment manufacturers, the market expects the national grid smart grid technology standards developed by these three companies may constitute a "positive tendency." In this regard, Zhang Yibin, said the development of smart grid is still in its infancy, new technology research and product development involves a wide range, covering many industries and fields, National Grid is open to the idea of setting standards, and certainly not in the standard formulation deliberately set up obstacles to the contrary, will stand high degree of industry, in line with industry norms, and promote the principles of sustainable development of the industry be developed. Only in this way can the existing power grid based on the inheritance and development, building a transparent and open, friendly, strong and smart grid interaction.

    Analysts believe that the national grid smart grid standards established as a corporate standard, expected in the future the development of national standards to provide reference.

    Reflects the steady development of ideas first trial.

    China Securities News, interviews with parties, including the State Power NARI, the National Power South, such as preparing for the XJ Electric equipment manufacturers of smart grid, smart grid side waiting for the introduction of relevant standards and planning, technology research and development side to start quietly.

    To in the waiting, the smart grid pilot project has been initiated, the pilot will be open throughout 2010 highlight the work of smart grid. Analysts believe that the smart grid system, the introduction of specific planning and standards before you start the pilot project, the development of the national grid can reflect sound smart grid ideas explored in the pilot practice, and adjust improvement.

    It is understood that National Grid has started in Anhui, Shandong and other provinces to carry out a pilot smart grid construction and will take into account regional differences in the pilot, according to local conditions. Among them, the smart grid pilot projects involving smart meters has recently completed a unified bidding.

    It is understood that the smart grid contains from power generation, transmission, substation, distribution, electricity and scheduling all aspects of electricity smart meters are intelligent links, the smart meter tender can be considered under the name of the smart grid tender first batch , the country attracted more than 600 meters race to compete in business.

    Tender results show that many companies at cost price to bid, resulting in the meter price is low, the equipment in the smart grid of uniform standards have not yet introduced the case, although the tender bidding for future more devices do not have the representation However, equipment manufacturers have been ahead of the smell of gunpowder smell of a price war, the future industry, market competition and cost competitiveness will be inevitable.

    However, Zhang Yibin, said intelligent network equipment market is broad enough to accommodate significant numbers of enterprises to share, but the market is still nurturing process, equipment manufacturers can gain an advantage in the competition after no doubt a better way to go.

    Century Securities Research report, intelligent grid construction equipment generates levels of demand for power, smart meters and the digital economy face a higher degree of substation, with the core technologies and market advantages of the enterprises will benefit.

    SW report mentioned the development of smart grid industry chain will drive the intelligent substation, part of the flexible transmission and the development of intelligent scheduling involving listed companies, including State Power NARI, Hidenobu shares, Siyuan Electric.

    Leading equipment manufacturers competing to beach.

    Side the national grid smart grid from time to time to disclose specific plans and standards related to the progress made, one side is ready giant domestic equipment manufacturers, and standards in the planning done its homework before the release, waiting for detonation wave of smart grid construction equipment to the enterprise sector or even raise the status of the consolidation.

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