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Robotics industry advance the capital market innovation speed

    Two years ago, Beijing's subway ticket need to manually stop, passengers are now only lightly in the automatic credit card swipe machine to cross the border, while the automatic credit card machine is the core technology of robot applications. In fact, the variety of robots on our side.

    Shenyang New Song With Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "New Song robot") visit the GEM,booster cables and sought after by the capital markets, ordinary investors begin to focus on the development of the robotics industry in China.

    Sought after by capital, not only because this is the first industrial robot manufacturing and application of engineering-based industry, listed companies, but also because investors generally optimistic about the robot field of advanced manufacturing represented a broad market prospect. Prospects for the robotics industry,battery clip with 863 "Eleventh Five-Year" team leader of advanced manufacturing technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics Dean of Mechanical Engineering and Automation identity Wang Tianmiao double-depth understanding,tow rope he told the "China Investment ":" robot is a strategic industry, each country attaches great importance to this industry, China is no exception. "

    From the early to the industrial robot manipulator, to service robots, robot era is slowly coming to us, ratchet tie dowm and capital markets, the robot will undoubtedly inject new vitality into technological innovation.

    Climbing strategic height.

    Industrial robots is widely applicable to self-action and multi-axis machinery and equipment. Where necessary, equipped with sensors, in the course of their work, without any outside interference. They are usually equipped with a mechanical hand tools or other processing tools and can be assembled to perform handling operations and processing tasks, has been widely used automobiles, electronics, information products and other modern manufacturing.

    "In industrial production, there are many monotonous, mechanical, frequent, repeated and prolonged operations, robots can replace the manual," one of the pioneers in China cause the robot, the former Beijing Institute of Machinery Industry Automation Robots Caoxiang Kang, director told reporters.

    In particular, some in danger of operating in harsh environments, such as stamping, casting, heat treatment, welding, painting, plastic molding, machining and assembly process is simple as well as in atomic energy industry and other sectors to complete the harmful material handling or process operation, require the robot to complete.

    "In addition, there are some high precision work, such as arc welding, manufacturing, and other leaves, there will inevitably be done manually error, therefore, from the perspective of product quality and reliability, but also by the realization of computer-controlled industrial robots high-precision, high-quality process requirements, "Caoxiang Kang said.

    Early 70s of last century, Shanghai, Northeast and other places plant's technical staff spontaneously developed robots, such as Shanghai Automotive Parts Plant developed the vehicle lamp shell stamping manipulator, Tianjin Forging Machinery Plant developed forging loading and unloading robot, and has become the first a number of industrial robots.

    In 1985, the industrial robot is officially included in the national "Seventh Five-Year" key scientific and technological research programs, targeting the underlying technology in the industrial robot, basic device development, handling, painting and welding robots 5 aspects research and development. In the former State Planning Commission, former Ministry of Machinery Industry and other departments of the strong support of the domestic research institutions and research institutes into a robot.

    End of 1986, the CPC Central Committee Document No. 24, 863 will be intelligent robots as a plan one of two main themes of the field of automation, the main goal is to "trace the world advanced level, research and development of underwater robots operating under extreme conditions such as special robot" .

    In 1990, the Beijing Institute of Machinery Industry Automation Industrial painting robot developed by PJ-1 schedule.

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