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Parking is no longer sweating sweating recommended standard car reversing radar

   Today the city is more crowded, and want to give his beloved car to find shelter is a very easy task. Take I live in Beijing for a weekend night not to drive out, for fear of coming home can not find parking spaces.

   This problem is particularly parking and female novice owners of other headaches. Finally found a parking space,booster cables the location is not great, the car will be able to put in here. Inverted Treasury, shift, adjust the direction, and so good already parked tachycardia was sweating profusely. Some car owners could not eat sleep or even to the parking problem, to the point of nervous breakdown. If the installation of parking sensor will be an additional fee,battery clip and is now reversing radar on the market of varying quality, in the modified part of the vehicle itself are concerned that the electrical system is, indeed, the very trouble.

   The car should be a tool for human convenience, if the affected vehicles to human life on the big unnecessary. At this point, tow rope I stop to worry about who to recommend several rookies and small stature also comes standard with parking sensor models.

   Chery A1.

   Guide price :4.58-5 .68 million.

   Equipped models: 1.3MT-comfort, luxury.

   Chery A1 is officially listed in last year's Shanghai auto show, at the same level of configuration is also regarded as relatively rich. Standard Parking Sensor for the novice who just got the license, ratchet tie dowm but also people who buy the first car the family is still very appropriate.
A1 A0 level as a compact car, body size 3700x1578x1527mm, wheelbase 2390mm. Internal space and is not ideal, is more suitable for the couple as a daily means of transport used.

   Chery A1, three barrel-type instrument panel was the highlight of the entire interior design. LCD display parking sensor technology to enhance the overall sense of the interior is very real configuration.

   Chery A1 is used in research and development of ACTECO1.3L engine with fully independent intellectual property rights, the output figures: maximum power 61kW/6000rpm, maximum torque 114Nm/4500rpm. Engine noise at idle is very small, independent research and development as a Class A0 fairly good performance.
Shanghai Volkswagen POLO guide price :8.58-10 .86 million.

   Equipped models: 1.6L Fashion Edition highline08 paragraph; 1.4L automatic comfort automatic fashion version is still version 1.4 08 1.4 08 1.4L manual fashion version is still version 09 Manual Shu.
    POLO strong feelings of reversing radar had a different name, called automatically detect the parking guidance system. Essentially the same thing. And is equipped with four probes, this point is still very generous to Shanghai Volkswagen.

    Shanghai Volkswagen as a successful small unit of the National Jiajiao, POLO appearance has long been popular, rounded shape also won the love of many women owners. Many families regarded their first car selected POLO.

    Interior, POLO consistent with the public style of the family, held in the regulation of not much special. 86 hp 1.4 liter engine with L4 engine, take a six-speed tiptronic gearbox Tiptronic. Book figures: maximum power: 63kW/6000rpm; maximum torque 130Nm/3750rpm.

    Beijing Hyundai Accent guide price :7.18-10 .58 million.

    Equipped models: 1.4 manual Luxury, 1.4 automatic distinguished type, 1.6 automatic luxury.

    Beijing Hyundai Accent is its flagship model, but its configuration at the same level models is not very high. Reversing radar, which only still rather kind of configuration. Accent dimensions as 4310/1695/1480mm, wheelbase 2500mm, the overall impression is rather old, does not meet the sporty trend nowadays.

    1.4L Accent cars equipped with the latest research and development of modern DOHC engine, power on the poor, but there are higher overall in terms of cost-effective.

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