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Testo won the "Energy Saving Recommended technology products," the honorary title


   January 20, from Shanghai Energy Conservation Information Network and other units for the "2010 Shanghai summit and exchange energy industry launch energy efficiency through train" a success.
    From government agencies,booster cables industry experts, key energy units, energy technology and energy industry service companies and other parties on behalf of more than 300 industry leaders gathered together in the new year to carry out a spectacular exchanges. At this event, battery clip Germany plans energy-saving test equipment recommended by the 2010 annual energy efficiency technologies (products) the title of the award by the Shanghai energy saving technology transfer services, Shanghai recommend energy-saving technology and product development alliance, jointly promulgated the Shanghai Energy Conservation Information Network .

    Summit, summed up the public sector share in recent years, high-tech elite energy saving technology and application products,tow rope excellent energy-saving renovation projects, energy management, energy saving personnel training and other aspects of practical experience and looking forward to the work of energy conservation in 2010, discussed under the low carbon revolution Energy industry usher in a new development opportunity. As the largest professional manufacturer of portable measuring instruments, "Testo Corporation (TestoAG)" was founded in 1957, in Germany Lan Sike City (Lenzkirch). ratchet tie dowm Testo Instruments has been committed to energy saving and environmental protection equipment development, it has accumulated five years of development history, owns and controls a large number of patented technology. Many people's understanding of the measuring instruments are at only a "measured", but in fact, energy conservation begins with measurement, and finally measurement. The summit, Testo Instruments National Sales Manager Mr. Zhou Qiang key energy units to the participating German map shows the latest energy saving devices and technological achievements, as well as energy efficiency in the industrial area of typical cases, to receive widespread attention and support.

    With the intensification of global climate change, low carbon economy has become the focus of international attention. Low-carbon energy efficiency is an important measure for sustainable economic development, the energy industry in 2010 low-carbon revolution will usher in this new development opportunities. The summit, Testo gas analyzer testo350 on display and a new generation of infrared imaging system two leading products. R & D testo350 Testo flue gas analyzer series of products have obtained the China Environmental Protection (CCEP) certification authority, by measuring the emission of flue gas concentrations in the detection of the combustion process, improve combustion efficiency and achieve energy saving, and emission testing emissions, promoting environmental protection. Germany plans a new generation infrared camera products adhering to the German-made quality, affordable price to meet the needs of industrial applications, specialized in daily installing the original fault and maintenance of electrical, mechanical equipment, HVAC / R industry testing, for in scientific research, universities, and electric power industries detection. Many participants have stopped, the trial in person, operation, showing a strong interest.

    "Now, flue gas analyzer Testo has become a domestic boiler plant, cement works, power plants, large polluting enterprises, and energy-saving environmental protection department and other necessary testing measurement tools. In China, more than half of the environmental testing sector choice the German map of the gas products for the detection and control of gas emissions of enterprises. and last year introduced a new generation of infrared imaging system has received positive market feedback, is widely used in various industries. "Testo Manager Zhou very proud of that. Looking ahead to 2010, Testo will, as always committed to the cause of energy conservation, promote the use of energy saving and emission reduction programs Testo, boarded the "energy efficiency through train", towards a green future.

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