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Security holy canon spring travel worry-free driving guide

    4 vehicles during the spring not to take:

    1, do not take the undocumented, unlicensed vehicles.

    2, do not take no spring permit vehicles.

    3, do not take the overloading, speeding vehicles.

    4, do not take a mixture of people and goods vehicles.

    If you ride these vehicles,booster cables in the event of accident, passengers, in addition to the injury by accident, but also bear some responsibility for the accident.

    Other car, you should wait at the site, do not linger in the carriageway. Do not grab the car does not compete until the car completely stopped when, after, according to the order before you get on, turn on the car; not to head,battery clip hands out the vehicle to avoid being linked to injuries and from vehicles; Do not carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods on the train.

    How to prevent motion sickness:

    1,tow rope metoclopramide: metoclopramide 1, motion sickness can be serious 2 tablets, children's doses reduce it, in the car 10 to 15 minutes before the swallow, can prevent motion sickness. More than 2 hours travel and motion sickness symptoms appear,ratchet tie dowm can be served one. Temporary way after taking the medication should stand 15 to 20 minutes to sit down for drug absorption. This method is effective rate was 97%, and no other motion sickness tablets cause dry mouth, dizziness and other side effects.

    2, fresh ginger: fresh ginger slices will be running the way in his hand, ready to hear the following on the nose, nasal inhalation of the pungent flavor. Ginger can also be attached to the navel on the cross, with  fixed.

    3, orange peel: 1 hour before traveling around the surface of fresh orange peel outward, inward fold, then align the two nostrils, two-finger squeeze, skin will have an aromatic spray mist. Can be inhaled more than 10 times, do the same method at any time by car on the way smoke smell.

    4 Fengyoujing: car on the way, the wind spirits in paint on the temple or the wind pool points. Wind can also drop two drops of essential oil in the navel Department, and mulching .

    5, vinegar: vinegar drink before the car warm water, the way will not motion sickness.

    6, affixed to the car before taking belly button, prevent motion sickness effect is significant.

    7, referring to the pinch off point: When motion sickness occurs when the thumb is available, including the related pinch points (within the relevant points in the volar wrist, wrist about two horizontal stripes that, between two ribs.

    Since the driving safety guidelines:

    Beijing users: Notes on gasoline;

    There is one important to inform you. Chinese New Year is coming now, I believe that many students traveling by car or driving home to the New Year, to remind you when you are refueling in the field, must pay attention to the varieties of gasoline. Beijing petrol is used as regular gasoline, while some provinces and municipalities surrounding Beijing have switch to ethanol fuel, if used improperly, will cause damage to the car. Blockage caused by oil, cars may turn off the strike, remember! !

    1 Jing Zhang direction without the use of ethanol in gasoline in northern Hebei Province, from Beijing to Inner Mongolia, Northwest China, regular gasoline car, you can Yimapingchuan.

    2, the direction of Beijing-Shenyang, Qinhuangdao fill up if the line can be 300 km further north, or from Beijing to the implementation of vehicle ethanol gasoline province northeast provinces, will move on.

    3 high-speed Beijing-Shijiazhuang direction about 300 km to the Beijing-Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang, and then south may die, go west no problem.

    4, Tianjin, Shandong direction can be filled within the regular gasoline, and then one step on the gas 200 kilometers, crossing Cangzhou, Shandong and other regions to get to Texas, straight for Jinan.

    So can other cities in eastern Shandong Province, but the south to die, for example, Heze, Jining, Tai'an and so on.

    5 Shijiazhuang to Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, direction, and then take the stone is too high to reach the Shanxi, Shanxi with ordinary gasoline, fill up to reach the west of Taiyuan and Shanxi.

    6, south of Henan, Hebei, Henan Anhui directions are implemented in areas of ethanol gasoline, remember not to choose.

    Note: Any use of 30,000 kilometers above the car, before the first use of ethanol gasoline, fuel tank and fuel system should do a thorough cleaning. Less than 3 million can not clean. Even after cleaning, there are still a few magazines into the tank, so run out of oil after the first case, to check on the car clean.

    Long-term use of ethanol in gasoline oil should float into plastic or stainless steel, copper.

    Nationwide use of ethanol gasoline Region: northeast provinces of Anhui Henan Hebei (Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Handan, Cangzhou, Hengshui City, Jiangsu Hubei, northern part of southwest Shandong

    Identification of ethanol gasoline: E90 # E93 # E97 # E is the ethanol label;

    User Tip: Spring unfamiliar road home, please take extra care;

    1, high-speed: high speed good condition before confirmation, and control along the map of gas stations, service stations and road entrances and exits have a detailed understanding; multi-car procession to maintain following distance, try not to use the emergency brake; vehicles are action words will open in advance indicator; not have to stop, then to choose the wide, open road and at the same time open the double flash, the erection of warning signs in the car behind; into the corners and after the vehicle before entering the tunnel to remind attention; always monitor the remaining oil, low Come on in advance; avoid prolonged vehicles limit speed, so as not to damage the engine, the vehicle should also work and rest.

    2, Road: most rugged and winding mountain road, in particular, will have more blind spots car view, which requires drivers to master their mental focus, early deceleration, whistle, and in strict accordance with the highway speed limit to drive, do not cross the line prevails; for Some sections of sand deposition along the inner side should try to Drive; in the tunnel must be opened through the headlights, not only to see their own traffic, but also to other vehicles are able to accurately determine your location.

    3, rain, snow, fog, traffic: Abrupt climate change is best not to encounter moving vehicles, as holiday travel had not pressed for time, security is the most important, if you must hurry that we must turn fog lights, dual flash, Slow progress, and can travel through the ground of the lane ropes, whistle when overtaking, the distance light alternately to remind the surrounding vehicles.

    In addition, parking security is very important. When parking at night in the field, the best choice to stay there day and night, supervised parking lot; parking close all windows and doors, and open the alarm device; car parked out front should be kept, so that even if the invasion were also more likely to be found; parking car stereo's volume before the opening to a larger location so that uninformed people into the car as long as the power, issued a loud sound will cause a sudden the attention of others, but also played a role in deter thieves ; try not to park in the parking spaces outside or the inside, if it is the car parked in the more remote and unguarded parking lot, you can use a spark plug removed or cylinder line method, so that thieves can not successfully launch vehicles. In the event of accidental damage 丢车 or events such as car, police should protect the scene immediately and notify the insurance company to wait for solutions.

    Spring MICE Guide:

    The upcoming Spring Festival holiday, people may be tight for a year already doing the relaxation of the preparation. Past two years become fashionable traveling by car, private car owners used to driving in the city within a city, once flying style also need to pay attention to some driving skills. Here we introduce to you the driving skills by car:

    1) What precautions snow?

    A: The fall of snow in the winter is caused by an accident up to the time.

    Ping Road to a continuous pumping snow, downhill to use low gear, the ascent is best not to stop, to prevent can not be started. Can block the normal exercise of an appropriate delay (high-low block), increased forward resistance. Swinging to the left and right rear wheels when the direction of rejection of the steering wheel.

    2) meet the same direction in front of a cart (full load) does not give you a way how to do?

    A: followed, identify opportunities, over it.

    3) If the car was no oil in the exercise in the field how to do?

    A: stopped a cart, from his car with a tube to suck out a few liters of oil, 90 oil does not matter. Do not block the car, generally the car is not pumping oil.

    4) continuous downhill, brakes overheated brake not working how to do?

    A: The stop, natural cooling. Do not water cooling.

    5) What are the field notes of night driving?

    A: If it is late at night, it will continuously change the distance light car lights to alert the attention, the other possible drowsing. None of the other high beam, we must slow down in advance, with the direction of the tractor to prevent unknown objects.

    6) What precautions mountain corners?

    A: The exercise of the day in the mountain corner, we must travel in their own lanes (see the opposite case), high-speed downhill turn, be sure to slow down in advance.

    7) The temporary parking pay attention to what field?

    A: Do not bend, the direction of a line of sight is not good, steep slope and place to stay at a suspicious person, or any other place where you feel unsafe parking.

    8) long drive (more than 3 hours continuous exercise), how to reduce physical fatigue?

    A: The driver's seat back adjustment, the maximum date, supine with the drive, a habit of it (short stature were not.)

    9) rain attention to what matters?

    A: At first we must note that under the drizzle, slippery, because the oil on the road. Surface accumulation of excessive rainfall, do not flush throttle, brake and electrical parts so as not to affect the water should be low block steady speed driving.

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