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In the adjustment to go on the machine tool industry in China in 2009 Milestones

    1. Caha President Hu Jintao as the amount.

    Key words: attention and expectations.

    June 27, is general secretary of the CPC Heilongjiang investigation, the State President and CMC Chairman Hu Jintao, came to Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. production workshop, booster cables a cordial visit the work in the field of industrial workers, encouraged them to develop their own technology, and constantly enhance competitive, difficult to see from the opportunity to increase research and development efforts to acquire more core and key technologies, and providing technical reserves for future development and lay a better foundation. This is the general secretary of the company's strong industry-wide expectations.

    2.2009 China machine tool industry output value is expected in the world.

    Key words: First.

    According to National Bureau of Statistics information, 1 October 2009, production of metal cutting machine tool 507,600 sets,battery clip machine tool output value increased slightly year on year. According to the China Machine Tool Industry Association predicted that the economic growth rate reached 8% of the pulling effect, the machine tool industry's growth rate will reach about 10% of the year 2009, China's machine tool output value will be flat to down slightly in 2008.

    However, due to the financial crisis affecting the world several major machine tool producing countries and regions in China and sales situation is far more serious.tow rope Higher than China's machine tool output in several countries in 2009 has a significant decline in machine tool production,ratchet tie dowm so in 2009 the output value of China's machine tool is expected for the first time ranked first in the world.

    3. The financial crisis Forced industry structure adjustment.

    Key words: 30%, 40%, 50%.

    Financial crisis, China's machine tool market demand first made major changes: First, the volume changes, the overall size of the market shrink, according to the company predicted that the scale of the financial crisis in more than 20% of the market; Second, a qualitative change, significant structural changes in market demand , the volume contraction at the same time, structural changes, particularly big, big, heavy-duty high-end CNC machine tools demand remained stable, normal, low-end machine tool demand has shrunk dramatically.

    As demand for national economic impact of the machine tool industry, uneven, and some industries such as railways, aviation, energy and other basic needs of the machine were not affected, automobile manufacturing, machine tool demand began to rise. Industry reflects the main producers, horizontal lathes, drill press, milling machine has been cut 30% of normal for more than a small universal grinding machine production decline in the proportion 40%, low WEDM production decreased by 50%, the whole industry, high-end CNC machine tools and large CNC machine output rose steadily.
    4. Batches starting the implementation of major projects.

    Keywords: 194, 7271000000.

    High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment technology major projects this year for the 194 subjects. The total project funding for 7.271 billion yuan project, in which the central government invested 1.623 billion yuan, the local match and 5.648 billion yuan raised by the company.

    This 194 subjects in accordance with the overall planning, batch start, speed up the principle, from the three selected, including the financial crisis and solve the needs of national key equipment in key areas, import volume, the market demand side wide benefit capital growth, promoting structural adjustment of the processing equipment and support the development of the common host technology, basic technology and features.

    Participating units from the research topic of view, involving a total of 27 provinces (autonomous regions) of 318 units, of which 214 companies, 66 universities, research institutes, 32, the other six, fully reflects the close integration of production and research . Project topics for 2009, 90% of projects Combination commitment.

    Through the "during" the key tasks in the host and the implementation of related tasks, some of the key technologies of the machine tool industry, in particular, common technologies and major technological breakthroughs, and formed a team of independent innovation, the establishment of a technology innovation system for the solid foundation of industry innovation.

    5. NC Industrial Policy approved.

    Key words: attention CNC industry.

    August 20, 2009, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department of Industrial Policy in Beijing, hosted "CNC machine tool industry development policy research" peer-reviewed and acceptance will be.

    The preparation of "CNC machine tool industry development policy research" project aims to study the development of CNC machine tool industry history, current situation of industry, market demand and the status in the national economy, and overall direction of industrial development objectives by the industrial development policy to guide industrial development, and promote the sustainable development of CNC machine tool industry.

    Expert review group believes that "the development of CNC machine tool industry, policy research," Reports on a comprehensive analysis of the development of machine tool industry environment, market demand, the international developed country policies on the CNC machine tool industry support, and support policies related to China has put forward support the development of CNC machine tool industry policy recommendations for countries to develop CNC machine tool industry provides the basis for material development policy.

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