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Digital high-definition set-top box made in June to achieve Chongqing

    HDTV has been the people in the pursuit of home entertainment, high-definition set-top box, however,booster cables the chip production due to the monopoly of foreign countries, its high price is not the general public can bear. But this year,battery clip the public will be able to buy high-definition set-top box made in Chongqing, one of the chip is developed by the four joint production of Group, cheaper than foreign 1 / 3.

    Successfully break the technical barriers.

    In fact,tow rope four joint research and development has been able to so quickly produce a new generation of video decoder chip, it is because last year when the financial crisis raging quadruple low price Thomson acquired the French company's semiconductor lab core team, this starting point to build a network of consumer digital media, new chain.

    According to party secretary of the Allianz Group IV, Vice Chairman Wu Peng, the previous co-operation and international giants can not say no though, is relatively much more difficult,ratchet tie dowm and domestic enterprises are at a disadvantage. However, the advent of the financial crisis, the international labor costs due to large multinational companies, industrial restructuring, to develop the Chinese market and other factors, began to actively seek Youxiu joint venture partner, to a four-joint opportunities.

    Currently, there is not yet producing high-definition video decoder chip companies, only three companies abroad can produce such products, quadruple the current video decoder chip has entered pre-production phase, this June will have high-definition set-top boxes and other end products available.

    In addition to producing high-definition video decoder chip, 2012, quadruple or come up with a new generation of video codec technology, and thus the impact of international standards. With this new video codec technology, the picture and video multimedia files will maintain the existing definition based on the greatly reduced its "volume."

    4G is a need to occupy such as hard drives to store movies, new technologies will be slim to 2G, then the public mobile phone, MP3, MP4 and other entertainment tool will have a greater purpose.

    Into the field of rail transport.

    In addition to acquisitions, and more than quadruple the company also launched a joint venture of foreign companies.

    Rely on advanced technology and automation control system complete precision machining technology, together with four Japanese NABCO, Westinghouse and a number of large multinational companies such as the Italian Finmeccanica joint expansion of Chinese urban rail transportation, rail transportation in both Chongqing security door, screen door made based on the full set foot in many cities began to track safety door, screen door and electric traction, integrated monitoring, signal systems, automatic fare collection and other fields.

    Years ago, the four United Group and Italy's largest state-owned industrial enterprises in the company's major subsidiary of Finmeccanica After several contacts and consultations, signed a memorandum of cooperation, the proposed joint venture subsidiary, and successfully won the bid of the Chongqing Urban Rail Transit One line of vehicles, electric traction systems project of 29 174 subway cars electric traction equipment, the subject of over 270 million, achieved quadruple rail transportation equipment manufacturing in a major breakthrough, only eight of China's household electrical appliances contractor of the traction system 1.

    Product Finalist Expo.

    Four series of the Allianz Group and co-operation of international acquisitions, the most notable was undoubtedly the 2008 acquisition of Honeywell sapphire business, the acquisition of open Chongqing enterprises to acquire high-tech enterprise of foreign precedent. After the acquisition of Honeywell sapphire business, in addition to the successful quadruple annual production capacity 500,000 has a sapphire base overseas factory, but also has a connectedness Osram, Philips and other manufacturers of the world's top lighting equipment market channels, with the Honeywell's unique world-class sapphire production, processing core technology.

    After 2 years of digestion and absorption, quadruple replicate through technology has reached new domestic factories overseas factory standards, to complete a product sample, and this year's Expo will be nominated to become museum exhibits Chongqing, Chongqing is expected in the coming years to build up a domestic the largest-scale LED industry chain billion.

    According to Wu Peng, this year the factory produced domestic sapphire chip will reach 1 million, will reach 2 million next year, while also further development of downstream products, such as sapphire flat panel display packaging for next year will reach 10 billion output, LED lighting next year's output value will reach 2-3 billion yuan.

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