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Acid battery Applications Overview and future development

    Central themes:

    Major categories of lead-acid batteries.
    The future development of lead-acid batteries.
    After a lead-acid battery development and improvement of over a hundred years has become a widely used chemical power, booster cables has a good reversibility, voltage characteristic smooth, long life, wide application and abundant raw materials (and renewable use) and cost low and so on. Mainly used in transportation, communications, electric power, railway, mining, ports,battery clip defense, computer, research and other economic fields, production and business activities of society and human life, an indispensable product.

    Lead-acid batteries in accordance with international standards is divided into the following categories:

    Start-up battery: used cars, motorcycles, tractors, diesel engine starting and lighting;

    Fixed-type batteries: mainly used for communications, power plants, computer systems for protection, tow rope automatic control of the standby power supply;

    Traction batteries: primary batteries for a variety of cars, trucks, forklifts and other power supply;

    Railway Battery: mainly used in diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, passenger cars starting, lighting of the power;

    Battery energy storage: mainly used for wind, solar power electricity energy storage;

    By battery plates of structure: a formative,ratchet tie dowm pasted and tubular cells;

    Press the battery cover and the types of structure: there are open type, exhaust, acid proof and sealed valve-regulated type batteries.

    Sort by battery maintenance mode: a common type, low maintenance type, maintenance-free type battery.

    Automobile, motorcycle starting batteries.

    Automotive industry.

    The automotive industry is the backbone of national development as a key industry, with the rapid development of automobile industry, the amount of lead-acid batteries also increased rapidly, accounting for the amount of lead-acid batteries for about 80% by 2010, annual production will be up to 750 cars units, community ownership will reach 60 million, China's auto demand will be after the United States, Japan, ranked world No. 3, sealed lead-acid starter batteries if successfully developed, will be a very big market, to make cars electrical system voltage from 12V to 24V or open 36V, lead-acid batteries will bring new opportunities, regardless of voltage, the power must be divided into two parts, part of which is for high-current discharge load services, such as the use of Start the engine, the traditional lead-acid batteries can be flooded for such a request, the other is used for deep cycle use of low-rate, valve-regulated lead-acid battery most suitable for this purpose.

    Motorcycle industry.

    China is the world's motorcycle production and sales of the first big country, China's motorcycle production in 1993, the first time in Japan, the Chinese motorcycle market is still in peak demand, the electric motorcycle is a large potential market, the field opened up for the lead-acid batteries a huge new market. Motorcycle industry is currently opening the battery is still mainly used, but the sealed battery has been replaced by opening the battery is an inevitable trend, the current amount of motorcycles has only 10 to 11 vehicles / thousand, while the international standard for the 20 / thousand far, the motorcycle production will grow steadily.

    Communication with the lead-acid batteries.

    China's post and telecommunications industry is currently in a period of rapid development, the scale of the average annual growth of more than 20%, fixed asset investment has been for 7 years more than 100 billion yuan. Not long ago, in fact, according to the most authoritative source of statistics of domestic phone users reached 460 million, including fixed telephone and mobile phone users half and half, more than the "fifth objective" figures, is expected in the next 20 years, China will be t

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