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Combine harvest forget "fire"

    Present on the occasion coincided with the harvest, combines "flourish"when. Since autumn, the weather was dry and hot,booster cables harvesters in the harvest process, if the operator inadvertently easily cause a fire.
    To this end the use of the machine combines hands should note the following fire small knowledge.

    First, the leading cause of the fire.

    1) electrical short circuit. The main reason is the neglect of the inspection of electrical lines, chaotic wiring, electrical fault is not timely excluded.

    2) The exhaust pipe flame or overheating.battery clip Time overload operation or engine oil too late is the main cause of the accident.

    3) gasoline turbocharger, or start the carburetor failure.

    4) The operation or maintenance of caution. Ground maintenance machine hand in a very strong spark, easy to ignite diesel fuel or flammable materials around.

    Second,tow rope fire prevention measures.

    1) to keep harvesters good technical condition. Carefully before harvesting into the role of inspection and maintenance, should be "five net " (oil, water, gas, machinery, tools), "Four does not leak"(oil, water, gas, electricity), "Six closed " (Fuel tank Port, port fuel tank, oil filler, carburetor,ratchet tie dowm magneto, oil view port), "a well"(technical condition).

    2) Regular maintenance of electrical equipment. Look for loose wire connections, equipment damage. Application of wire connectors firmly connected to the bolt spring washer; circuit wiring harness, the wire should be put on plastic pipe; battery should have good protective equipment.

    3) Keep the engine and start the machine good working performance. Always check the ignition start time of machine oil to prevent carburetor backfire; always check the exhaust pipe and fuel quality; engine host should be retrofitted with Mars collector.

    4) The correct operation, the control engine. Do not overload a long running operation; control of engine speed, throttle not Meng Hong; the engine cool down when overheated, filling water regularly.

    5) with the necessary fire protection equipment. Such as fire extinguishers, sand bags, sacks.

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