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Car maintenance trap errors before more comprehensive raise awareness of prevention

    Motor vehicle ownership in the city currently is 150 million, which is still brand new car on a day rate surged more than 200. booster cables Enjoy the car for the step to bring convenient, many people are upset about the car for repairs.
    Rub a small cut, small problems already trying and let the dark heart of a mix of maintenance factory, called the one lit. battery clip Related Reading: 5000 meters above sea level maintenance difficulties encountered at the gap between the public can not start Sunny fifth unexplained maintenance

    City Yunguan Chu recently carried out on the car repair market concentration and control, the reporter in the accompanying interview by comparing the number of cases found to be Chajiu: Some members of the public service when the car into the errors, and do not understand the relevant provisions of the motor vehicle repair is not without relationship. Today, one of the four special cases cited, and requested the City Yunguan Chu experts to interpret,tow rope to enhance the public's discernment when car maintenance and rights awareness.

    Case I: automotive repair shops beauty shop and began to have to have great qualifications.

    Case: Two roads in a car maintenance company, inside a car just to stick to the shade half the film, the scene of a lift frame down into the bottom of another car, in the exhaust pipe repair, shop door impressively on end " polishing,ratchet tie dowm enamel, foil, fill the pit, "and other advertising to attract customers.

    Owner to justify the business license to produce, but the business license is limited to automotive beauty, decoration, car accessories retail.

    【Explanation】 public service vehicles of experts, we must see whether there is repair shops operating permit. Engaged in vehicle maintenance operations is a need to go through road transport licensing authority, access to a class, second class license for the vehicle maintenance business models in the corresponding vehicle repair, assembly, repair, vehicle maintenance, minor repairs, maintenance, rescue, special repairs ; access to three types of vehicle maintenance operations were permitted to engage in the engine, body, electrical system, automatic transmission repair, painting, tire balancing and repair, wheel alignment testing adjustments, fuel system maintenance and oil change, fuel pump, and injector maintenance, crankshaft grinding, cylinder boring mill, radiators (water tanks), air conditioning repair, vehicle decoration (cover, cushion and internal decoration), vehicle glass installation, repair the body, such as special cleaning and maintenance services, operators can obtain one or more of the maintenance project management qualifications.

    The current implementation of quality assurance of motor vehicle repair system, vehicle vehicle overhaul, assembly repair, vehicle maintenance, minor repairs and special warranty repairs are clear, such as a problem within the warranty period for the vehicle requirements, as appropriate, rework, repair free of charge or compensation, but only have to go to a qualified repair manufacturers.

    Beauty and the auto repair car is completely different concepts, car repair shop is not qualified the car, consumers need to remember.

    Case II: the body can not arbitrarily change the color to be the police issue a certificate.

    Case: reports from the public well-being of a repair shop in north Chinese medicine hospital in cars to color services, law enforcement officers immediately rushed to the scene and found that the repair shop did not get the "motor vehicle repair business license", but in automotive sheet metal, paint, tires repair and other maintenance operations.

    Expert interpretation of the repair shop is operating without a license, there should be reminded that there are many consumers, in pursuit of individuality and fashion, free to change the color for their vehicles or change the exterior styling, these acts are not allowed laws and regulations .

    "Motor vehicle repair regulations" clearly pointed out that operators of motor vehicle repair motor vehicle shall not be modified without authorization, not for repair of motor vehicles have been scrapped, not to use parts assembled motor vehicles, and asked to change the motor vehicle body repair side color, replace the engine, body and the frame shall be obtained relevant certificates issued by public security departments, motor vehicle repair operators in view the procedures for repair before.

    If you violate these provisions, not only those who want to punish vehicle maintenance, repair of the party commission also bear the corresponding responsibility. Therefore, the majority of car owners in the car to change color or change their appearance before the body go through relevant procedures, otherwise he might have to being punished. (Editor: JINGGANGSHAN)

    Auto repair plant maintenance projects the public can check the price of self-help.
    Case III: accessories sold rights to the replacement of parts not protected.

    Case: Ms. Chen in the happiness of the public area auto parts store to buy a piece of tire, then owner of enthusiasm to help Chan scene of the replacement tire quality problems after the clerk said it was caused by improper installation Chan himself, is not compensable.

    【Explanation】 There are some experts in auto parts operators to purchase auto parts replaced free of charge to the user change the name of oil, replacement tires or parts, etc. are all operating without a license, just as pharmacies can not give medical treatment, an injection is a reason .

    Not qualified to operate (operating without a license) or beyond the permitted range of vehicle repair shop great harm, first of all maintenance quality are not guaranteed to run the vehicle laid great security risk. Repair requires both a certain technology but also have related equipment, does not have the relevant conditions to the repair shop car repair, maintenance prone to quality issues. And some short-term vehicle quality problems can not be exposed, and if there are problems did not save that money can afford "single", the event of an accident is a rude awakening. Secondly, that no business qualifications (unlicensed) factory maintenance, very difficult journey rights, legal rights and interests of consumers is difficult to be guaranteed.

    Motor vehicle maintenance quality assurance requirements of systems, vehicles and vehicle transport of dangerous goods vehicles, repair or assembly repair warranty for the vehicles of 20,000 km or 100 days; two maintenance vehicles warranty period is 30 days or 5,000 km; a level maintenance, minor repairs and special repairs of quality assurance for the vehicles of 2,000 km or 10 days.

    Mileage warranty period and date indicators to whichever comes first; vehicle maintenance warranty period from the date of repair completion and calculation; and commitment to the quality assurance of the quality assurance period, caused by motor repair quality car does not work properly, and for repair within 3 days can not or will not provide reasons for non-maintenance of motor vehicles caused by the relevant evidence can not be used, motor vehicle repair operator shall promptly repair free of charge and should not be delayed or rejected; in quality guarantee period, vehicle breakdown or maintenance projects for the same repair by the two can not normal use, motor vehicle repair operators shall be responsible to contact the operators of other motor vehicle repair and bear the corresponding cost of repairs.

    Case Four: maintenance cost over one thousand yuan to be signed maintenance contracts.

    Case: Ms Qian people rushed to the car repair shop owner has given a "maintenance costs 1,200 yuan," the invoice. Late recurrence of the problem repaired engine, free repair failed negotiations with the owner, Ms Qian Yun Guanchu then has complained to the city repair shop.

    【Explanation】 expert repair of car owners, the first to view the motor vehicle repair business license and maintenance of signs, confirmed the maintenance of business intelligence and business scope. With the new technology, new materials, new technology widely used in the automotive sector, vehicle maintenance special tools, special equipment utilization rate is getting higher and higher, so the majority of owners not only to promote qualified vehicle repair business, but also going to have professional equipment and facilities, professional and technical personnel of the repair shop repair.

    Repair should also view and ask relevant dispatching orders, clearing the list and other maintenance procedures, more than 1,000 yuan more than the maintenance operation project should be signed maintenance contracts, and maintenance of quality problems once the dispute by the above-mentioned documents can safeguard their legitimate rights and interests . If you do not sign a contract, the contract should also pay attention to the preservation of relevant documents such as vehicle functions and settlement of a single list. Some invoices did not indicate the specific repair parts, just by activists often difficult invoice. In addition, consumers had better be kept down repair and replace parts, to prevent some of its secondary use of the operator.

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