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How to accelerate the mechanical and electrical hardware and equipment manufacturing industry, docking

    Hardware is used in the production and life of metal products, gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, tin and other products called hardware products. Metal products sub-company: building hardware, daily hardware, decorative hardware, hardware tools, fire equipment, groceries and so on.
    Mechanical and electrical products including tools, machine tools, general equipment, instruments, electrical appliances,booster cables mining equipment, power transmission and power station equipment, pneumatic and hydraulic components, automotive engineering, control gear and so on.

    Equipment manufacturing industry is building the national economy and national defense production, technology and equipment manufacturing; it is the manufacturing base, but also the basis for other industries,battery clip it will determine a country's economic strength, national defense strength, overall national strength and the global economy competition and cooperation.

    Developed countries in the equipment manufacturing industry accounted for the entire gross national product,tow rope the U.S. accounted for 37.5%, to aircraft, the leading integrated circuit; Japan 38.8%, mainly in electrical machinery; Germany 40.9%, mainly to transport machinery; United Kingdom 31.8%, to ship-based aircraft; China accounted for 12.7%, mainly to middle and low equipment. How to accelerate the mechanical and electrical hardware and equipment manufacturing industry, docking, I think we should strengthen the following areas:

    1,ratchet tie dowm construction of a number of foster internationally competitive large enterprise groups. To break the industry, regional and ownership boundaries, key areas, key industries, key enterprises, key products and achieve innovation. Process according to product features and the strategic restructuring of the industry.

    2, to the capital as a link to market-oriented economic system and building a conservation-oriented country, and scale management. According to two, including the middle out of the requirements of efforts to reduce costs. Self-rate parts, to change the large and small and complete status quo, give full play to the role of the existing production capacity. To create economies of scale, market-oriented structure and the propulsion machinery strategic adjustment of industrial products, resolutely eliminate obsolete technology, waste of resources and serious pollution process. U.S. investment in technological upgrading the proportion of total investment in fixed assets was 69%, while China is only 25%, 25% used in the scale, 35% extension for the installation, the investment accounted for 44%, really used to update technology and equipment of only 8.3%, which is 1 million to update equipment in the technological transformation of capital is only 205 yuan.

    3, the formation of a group of professional collaboration with strong supporting enterprises and logistics companies, and built a number of specialized small businesses, the formation of industrial machinery, medium and small coordinated development pattern. To strengthen independent development and technological innovation in an important position, to enable enterprises to become a real technology development and technological innovation. "Made in China" to "Made in China", while increasing R & D center, the development of generation, manufacturing generation.

    4, focusing on the development of market capacity, high technology, industrial chain length, leading role of obvious strategic areas, such as the software industry, electronic commerce, digital products, new displays, micro-electronic, photoelectric materials, nano-industry, digital systems and equipment.

    5, with the new format transformation of traditional goods market, especially in mechanical and electrical hardware market. Enhance the level of modernization is a general trend, in the face of competition and challenges after WTO accession, opening up new space for development, the key is enterprise system, market management, market players, market technology, the complete restructuring of the market credibility and innovation.

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